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2 Dead And 500 People Got Injured: 6.7-Magnitude Earth Quake Between Greek Islands And Bodrum

Officials reported, due to strong earth quake in the Aegean Sea two people lost their lives on Island of Kos (Greek).

Overnight earth quake made boats crashed on the harbor of Bodrum(Turkey). Not only shocking waves in the sea and crashing of boats happened but a building also got crashed. At first, it was reported that more than 200 people got injured but now a number of injured people have reached to 500.

Beach resorts in Turkey and Greece got shaken because of a

2 dead and 500 people got injured: 6.7-magnitude earth quake between Greek Islands and Bodrum

2 dead and 500 people got injured: 6.7-magnitude earth quake between Greek Islands and Bodrum

shocking powerful earth quake. Two people killed because of this earth quakes. It has been reported that one man who lost his life was of 20-year-old and from Sweden.

Dead victim name from Sweden is still confidential and not revealed yet.

It has been made confirmed from Sweden Foreign Ministry that dead person was a citizen of central Sweden and was of 2o years old.

500 people got injured as result of earth Quake which made a building to collapse on the bar in Island of Kos(Greek). A number of Vacationers and residents have experienced havoc and sea swell at Kos and Bodrum Resort. 0.6-meter (2 foot) sea swell has been recorded because of the undersea shallow quake.

As this earth Quake has made everyone suffered a lot, still Turkish and Greek measured it of 6.5 magnitudes. But according to U.S Geological team of a survey, it was of 6.7 magnitudes. One resident of Kos said in an interview that this earth quake was horrifying and people ran out of their houses as everything was shaking. He added that they spent their whole night outside.

Number of tourists were there on resorts and got injured due to earth quake. From Norwegian Foreign Ministry, it has been reported that in Kos one Norwegians man got badly injured and for medical treatment’s he flown for medical aid to hospital.

EU is helping Greece a lot in this situation with the help of personnel, satellite and emergency equipment’s.

On sad demise of two people and for more than 200 injured people, Humanitarians aid Bloc’s commissioner offered his condolences’.

To help out victims and to locate damage caused by earth Quake Stylianides office is in contact with officials of Greek. They are working efficiently to help authorities of civil protection by giving satellite images. They are also working on sending equipment’s to help out damage and victims.

On Aegean Sea, Seismic activity is in action.

13 people flown to hospitals at Athens and at Islands of “Creten” and “Rhodes” as reported by Greek officials.

Creten city Spokesperson informed that 4 patients have been shifted there in which two are in critical condition and one is facing leg injury. One patient has a head injury.

In rescuing operation and Airlifting of these patients, police officials reported that these 4 patients are of different nationalities. One is Turkish, one Norwegian, one Greek and one Albanian.

Out of two people who lost their life in this deadly earth Quake, one was of Turkish nationality.

Still injured people from buildings are being evacuated by officials and rescuers for medical treatment.