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3 killed by bodyguard on Penang highway.


Gun hostility is unusual in Malaysia that has severe laws of firearms, and the occurrence on Penang’s northern resort island on late Thursday fetched traffic to be idle for approx 6 hours.

3 people’s life was taken and 4 others wounded in Malaysia at the time when bodyguard of the one of sufferers set off on a shooting riot, Khalid Abu Bakar, the police chief of country stated to the reporters on Friday.

The suspected bodyguard, a reservist of ex-military who the police didn’t desire to recognize, was held in custody and is being detained in police supervision.

“From the preliminary investigations, the person who shot has a psychological problem,” Khalid added up.

The alleged bodyguard, who police stated was of above 40 years of age, at first gunshot his 32 years of age boss named Ong Teik Kwong while he was in his car, police chief of Penang district Mior Faridalathrash Wahid, said to a news reporter.

He after that got out of the motor vehicle and started firing at random people. With that random firing 2 further people lost their life and 4 others got wounded, as well as a cameraman by way of a public newscaster, in anticipation of he laid his arms down in front of the police.

The cameraman, who got injured, named Muhamad Amirul Amin Amir of age 28, who was going to Penang Pesta place in the midst of Sinar Harian, the reporter named Mohamad Iskandar Osman on a motorbike to record the opening of a festival.

Amirul is in the Hospital of Penang in the midst of 2 of further wounded victims, both of which are men.

“Police moved toward the person who fired and warned him to lay his weapon down and hands on his head. He followed instructions of the police officer and we detained him,” Mior stated.