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Over 50 inmates dead in prison riot in Brazil

An assault by associates of 1 gang on opponent convicts started a mutiny at a penitentiary in northern Amazonas state, leaving as a minimum 56 deceased, comprising quite a few who were be-headed or cut into pieces in most horrible slaughter at a prison of Brazil since 1992.

Authorities stated riot that fumed from afternoon of Sunday into morning of Monday started due to a fight among 2 of the largest crime gangs of the country upon power of drug routes and prisons in Brazil’s northern region.

In a different event Monday evening, 4 prisoners were murdered at a different Amazonas penitentiary. Police were looking into even if there was a link among the killings at “Anisio Jobim Penitentiary Complex” and the others at “Unidade Prisional do Puraquequara”.

Authorities of Amazonas at first reported 60 deceased in Anisio Jobim in Manaus, however the office secretary of state public security afterward decreased that number to 56. Officials in addition stated 112 inmates ran away during riot.

There were total 1,224 prisoners in penitentiary that was constructed to take 592, Amazonas office of state public security stated. The penitentiary is administered by a private corporation that is compensated in accordance with the amount of inmates.

12 guards of prison were apprehended as hostage by inmates in the duration of riot, although none was hurt.

“This is largest prison slaughter in our history of state,” Sergio Fontes, Public Security Secretary stated at a conference of news. “What occurred here is a different episode of war that narcos are implying on this state and it demonstrates that this trouble can’t be dealt with simply by governments of state.”

Fontes verified that several dead were beheaded. Luis Carlos Valois, the judge, who discussed the ending of riot with convicts, stated he witnessed several bodies that were quartered.

“I never observed anything similar to that in my whole life. All bodies, blood,” Valois penned on the Facebook.