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51 dead in Yemen due to heavy fighting


Heavy fighting among troops of government and opposition armed forces in different areas of Yemen has taken life of 51 people, in accordance with officials of military.

They stated on Wednesday that forces devoted to Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, the President been connected in fight in the midst of the Iran-associated Houthis and their followers in northwest of Arabian Peninsula nation, close to the border of Saudi Arabia, ever since Tuesday.

The hostility drew closer as loyalists initiated an assault on 3 fronts to retake the coastal township of Midi and Haradh which is close by, the officials stated by a news agency.

23 fighters and 15 loyalist’s life were taken in the fighting, they stated.

“Our military action will carry on in anticipation of we thrust them out,” Abdul Ghani al-Shubaili, army Colonel stated, whose armed forces comprised air support from an Arab alliance pulled together by Saudi Arabia who is supporting Hadi.

In another place, 9 fighters and 4 soldier’s life was taken in combating on the borders of flash-point city of Taiz, in Yemen’s southwest, stated by officials of military.

Professional Hadi forces have moved forward towards the police headquarters and presidential residence of the city, both underneath opposition direction, witnesses stated, reporting serious fighting and thunderous explosions that quaverd the city.

Hostility in Taiz and its surrounds on Tuesday took life of 39 people, encompassing 20 soldiers, 14 fighters’ and 5 civilians, also stated by military officials.

The UN states over 7,000 people’s life have been taken and approximately 37,000 injured in Yemen since the Arab alliance initiated a military crusade in 2015 March in favor of the globally recognized Hadi regime in opposition to the Houthis.

Millions are helpless without food aid, and further 21 million people immediately want services of health, in accordance with the UN.