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6 dead in Taliban attack on German Consulate.

6 dead in Taliban attack on German Consulate.

A suicide bomber of Taliban drove an explosives loaded truck in northern Afghanistan’s German Consulate, taking life of no less than 6 people and injuring over 100.

The truck blew up at entry of consulate in Mazar-e Sharif city, devastating the wall and gate on 10th of November before midnight.

A spokesperson for German Foreign Ministry stated on 11th of November that their 2 dozen employees fled the assault “safe and unharmed”, whereas security forces of Afghan and Special Forces of NATO had “revolted the heavily armed assailants.”

Taliban took blame for the assault, stating it was vengeance for U.S. air hits previous week which took life of 32 civilians near Kunduz northern city.

Ashraf Ghani, the President named the attack an “offense against humanity and every international law.”

A spokesperson for Balkh Province governor said to Afghan Service that suicide bomb explosion made a big hole in the complex wall and further fighters of Taliban attempted to go into the complex through the hole.

But security forces at consulate avoided militants from attacking inside the complex.

Noor Mohammad Fayez a local doctor stated the city hospitals got 6 dead bodies, comprising 2 dead by bullets.

He added up that no less than 128 were injured, a few of them seriously and several with shrapnel wounds.

Witnesses stated a lot of wounded were Afghans sleeping in their homes close by and were hit by glass pieces as their windows were smashed by the huge explosion.

Many shops and houses nearby were damaged or smashed in the blast.

The Taliban declaration from spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid stated the assault was in retribution for 3rd of November air hits in Kunduz, Buz-e-Kandahari area that took life of dozens, greater part of them were children and women.

The United Nations, NATO, and government of Afghanistan are looking into the assault, which provoked livid protests in Kunduz.