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6 died in blast in Cairo and several injured

An explosion, probably a bomb, took life of 6 policemen and wounded 3 others on Friday in a possible the deadliest attack marking Egyptian security armed forces in current months, in accordance with the state-directed news service of the country.

There was none instantaneous declaration of accountability intended for the blast, which happened on a road named al-Haram, a major road towards most important Egypt’s well-known Giza pyramids, in accordance with a News Agency of Middle East. It stated that policemen were marked but presented no additional details.

Interior Ministry of Egypt, which supervises the security forces and police, stated in a report that blast occurred close to “2 security points” and security armed forces were set out to the location soon after the occurrence. It stated 3 of those who lost their lives were officers.

Agencies of news stated that, police officials were in 2 motor vehicles which next to the road were parked at a check point. 4 civilians were in addition reported wounded by the blast.

Gunmen in May assaulted a bus packed with police personnel in suburb in Helwan of Cairo, taking life of 8 amongst them. The IS’s associate in Egypt, resided in northern Sinai, Peninsula, took the blame for that assault. Friday’s attack doubts once more lies on that same group.

Assaults marked at military-directed regime of Egypt have risen up since the defeat of selected Mohamed Morsi, the President in 2013 in addition to his Muslim Brotherhood. Senior officials and judges have in addition been marked by rebal Islamists, mostly motivated by concentrated efforts on Muslim Brotherhood via government of Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, the President.

Previous month, a General of Egypt was gunned down close to his residence in the Sinai’s northern region, an assault that was in addition declared by Islamic State group.