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73 died in a truck blast in Mozambique.


As a minimum 73 people lost their life and a lot more wounded after an oil tank exploded in a western Mozambique village on Thursday, the public radio of the nation announced.

“The incident took place when citizens attempted to acquire petrol from the truck” in a Caphiridzange village of Tete province, close to Malawi, the government stated in a report.

The government further said that 110 were wounded. Children were also amongst the wounded, it stated.

The precise conditions of the blast remained ambiguous.

Authorities were attempting to decide whether oil truck was trading petrol at the time it exploded, or it was attacked by inhabitants, Joao Manasses, director of information ministry stated.

A local reporter said that the truck crashed on Wednesday and blew up on Thursday, as lots of people tried to steal fuel.

3 ministers were arrived at the sight on Friday with the aim of monitoring the work of rescuers.

Mozambique is among the poorest nations of the world, in accordance with “International Monetary Fund”, and since 1992 its civil war finished, its people has experienced terrible economic catastrophe.

The government lately increased fuel price, subsequent to the worth of local currency named metical sunk.

The southeast nation of Africa is also experiencing a fresh political crisis, started by the previous rebel decisions in 2013 to reinstate arms with the aim to thrust for a power-sharing agreement with government.

The current disturbance has eroded the so-called RENAMO insurgent force in opposition to troops of government in centre and west of country.

Amongst the provinces influenced by the hostility has been Tete, where a blast occurred, driving thousands of citizens to escape across border to neighboring Malawi this going year.

While a lot of have come back, approximately 2,500 immigrants from Mozambique still live in Malawi, the refugee agency of UN states.