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80 killed in truck blast, Iranian pilgrims mostly.

80 killed in truck blast

A suicide attack that Islamic State claimed took life of at least 80, mostly Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad south on Thursday, as forces of Iraq fight to re-take Mosul from jihadists.

The enormous bomb blast of truck shredded by means of a petrol station where pilgrims returning in packed buses from Karbala, stated by officials.

The majority of the sufferers were Iranians, the biggest group of foreigners in pilgrimage, which is among the largest religious happenings of the world and culminated on Monday.

The hit occurred close to a village named Shomali, approx 75 miles (120 kilometers) Baghdad southeast.

IS, which is combating to protect its stronghold of Mosul in Iraq’s northern region, claimed accountability for the blast.

Falah al-Radhi, leader of provincial security group for Babylon, where the bombing took place, stated numerous buses were marked.

“A big truck exploded amongst them. It was a suicide assault,” he said. “There are as a minimum 70 dead, less than 10 were Iraqis, the rest were Iranians.”

Videos on social media demonstrated wreckage scattered all over the large place all along the major highway connecting Baghdad to the major Basra southern port city.

“There are entirely burnt corpses at the sight,” Radhi stated, who added up that as a minimum 20 injured were transported to hospitals nearby.

A statement issued by Joint Operations Command in Baghdad stating the truck was jam-packed with ammonium nitrate of 500 liters, a chemical compound utilized in lots of explosive devices.

Approximately 20 million people came to Karbala, home to Hazrat Imam Hussein (R.A) mausoleum. In accordance with the authorities of Iraq, approximately 3 million were Iranians in them.

Bahram Ghasemi, spokesperson of Iran’s foreign ministry denounced the “inhumane and brutal” attack.

Iraq had send approx 25,000 security forces members inside and all around the city of shrine, which situates at Baghdad southwest, to guard pilgrims from further IS attack.