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Abashment by 2 thieves, robbed man: at knife point outside Hollywood bank

Abashment by 2 thieves, robbed man: at knife point outside Hollywood bank

CCTV footage, outside a bank recorded clip in which 2 thieves ambush a man and not only robbed him at knife point but also abandoned him without his car. On February 5th at night, at knifepoint, man was robbed and surveillance video has captured the scene.

Victim was about to get in his parked SUV when these thieves came and robbed him outside Well Fargo bank which is nearby North 46 street and Sheridan street. Victim was so much scared because of this incident that he did not even mention his name when he was giving interview to 7 News. He said that there were two thieves and one of them was wearing mask and other one was without mask and I tried to stop them with my hands when they pushed back me while getting into my car.

Police also have given their statement that thieves compelled the victim to give his $5500 cash which he just withdrawal from bank and then they took his vehicle and abandoned him.

During the assault, victim’s instincts kicked in, he was trainee at Israeli army in his past.

This victim is also a cancer patient and he expressed his feelings that this robbery incident has piled up on his battle with cancer. He added that shortness of breath happened to me as result of this panic attack and this thing is not favorable for my body right now.

On February 8, thieves abandoned victim’s car nearby North 24 Street along Hayes Street and this scene also got captured in surveillance camera and after doing this, in grey car they drove off.

In that location SUV, victim’s car retrieved in that location. It is worth mentioning here that in all this robbery incident victim was not hurt physically