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Adding Your Child To Family Sharing Group

If you are using Family Sharing, you may want to add a couple of child accounts for any of your family members falling below the age of 13. It will let you to make sure that they only buy things that you allow them to buy and a check can be kept on their purchases. When you create Child Apple IDs, it creates “Ask to Buy” button that notifies you whenever a kid from Family Sharing group tries to buy an app, TV show, song or something else available on App Store or iTunes. You can even move the children to Child ID if they already have their own Apple ID. So, let’s find out how to create child accounts and move them to Family Sharing groups.

Creating New Apple ID For A Child

It is not possible for children under 13 to create an Apple ID of their own. And, if you add a birthday younger than that, it will halt the process of creating Apple ID. So, there has to be some work around for that and here we’ll provide you just that.

Adding Your Child To Family Sharing Group

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone/iPad
  2. Your ID will be displayed on top of the screen, tap it (It’s the name that you used while signing up)
  3. Tap ‘Family Sharing’
  4. Now tap on ‘Create an Apple ID for a Child’ at screen’s bottom
  5. Tap on Next towards top right side of your iPhone/iPad screen
  6. Use date picker for entering the birthday of your child
  7. Towards top right side of the screen you’ll see Next button, Tap on it
  8. Tap on Agree at bottom right side of the screen after reading ‘Parent Privacy Disclosure’
  9. Enter security code of your desired payment method. It will somehow verify that you are legal parent/guardian of child you want to create the ID for.
  10. Tap Next
  11. Enter First Name and Last Name of the child you want to create the ID for
  12. Tap Next
  13. Provide email address that you’d like to use as App ID of the child in question
  14. Tap Next
  15. Now tap on Create if you believe that email address is correct and exactly the one you’d like your child to use. Remember, however, that you won’t be able to change that afterwards
  16. Enter a password to be used with the account. It should be 8 characters at least and should have a number and some uppercase letter
  17. Tap Next
  18. Select your security questions as well as their answers, and tap Next after every selection
  19. Next you’ll see ‘Ask to Buy’screen, Tap Next on it. Make sure that the switch is green and Turned On as it will ensure your child needs approval before purchasing anything on App Store or iTunes
  1. Select if you want to share the location of your child with other members of Family Sharing group or not. If you want to set it up later then you can simply tap on ‘Not Now’
  2. Agree to all Terms & Conditions by tapping on Agree
  3. Tap Agree again in pop-up window to complete

Adding Your Child To Family Sharing Group

Congratulations! You have successfully added your child to the Family Sharing group. The Apple ID they’ll be using is the one with ‘@icloud.com’ that you actually created during setup process. They can be able to use it for signing into their respective devices as well. And, from now on, every time they’ll try to buy something on App Store or iTunes, you’ll be notified first. It’s your choice whether you’d like to approve the request or decline it.Adding Your Child To Family Sharing Group

How You Can Move A Child To Family Sharing?

In case, if a child of yours is already using standard Apple ID and you just want to make them use child account for keeping an eye on the TV shows and apps that they’re buying, you can convert their account to Child ID simply by changing birth date they’ve used in the Apple ID they’re using. Here is how to do that.

  1. First ensure that the account in question is part of the Family Sharing group you’re using. And, if it is not, then first add it to the group.
  2. Now browse to appleid.apple.com and login to the current Apple ID your child is using.
  3. Click on Edit in front of Account section.
  4. Now change their birthday in Birthday field.
  5. Tap Done in upper right corner of the screen.

That’s all. You have successfully moved your child to family sharing with child account. However, note that if you bring the birthday down to something under 13, it may not be possible for you to change it back.

So, add your child to Family Sharing with a child account and keep an eye on whatever they are purchasing on App Store or iTunes. In fact, drive their decisions by letting them make a few transactions and restricting them from making others.