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Aid approaching for victims of Ache earthquake


Men inspect a collapsed mosque after an earthquake in Pidie Jaya, Aceh province, Indonesia, Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016. A strong undersea earthquake rocked Indonesia's Aceh province early on Wednesday, killing a number of people and causing dozens of buildings to collapse. (AP Photo/Heri Juanda)

The Red Cross of Indonesia state it is rallying up help for survivors of earthquake from capital of Aceh province, and capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, by means of a primary priority on sanitation and clean water.

Arifin Hadi, the head of disaster management charity, states 5 trucks of water have previously been deployed into regions severely struck by quake, where it contains 100 people on ground. It has sent out other support from Banda Aceh for example tarpaulins, jerry cans and hygiene kits and has in addition provided body bags.

Arifin states it will launch additional from its warehouse in Jakarta, comprising 500 family support kits, 1,000 tarpaulins and 1,000 blankets.

He states probable health hazards in quake region are up till now being evaluated.

Pidie Jaya’s director of hospital, the district which has acquired the brunt of damage of quake, states the hospital is overcrowded with injured people.

Muhammad Reza Faisal states several people are currently being taken care in tents placed on hospital grounds, which was harmed in shallow 6.5 magnitude quake on Wednesday.

He states 5 of the victims of quake departed this life at hospital. The total count of death has increased to 100.

Faisal states: “We are collaborating with local police and army who provided stretchers for the victims.”

The mitigation agency of national disaster states some hundred people are wounded.

The Aceh province of Indonesia’s army chief states the death count in earthquake of Wednesday has gone to 100 from 54 as saviors pull further bodies from wreckage.

Maj. Gen. Tatang Sulaiman states in an interview on live TV that 4 people were taken out from rubble breathing. 4 or 5 further are identified to be covered in the ruins, but he did not cleared whether they are alive or dead.

He states: “We hope that we will be capable to conclude evacuation from rubble earlier than sunset.”