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Air strike of Government kills Turkish troops in Syria

Air strike of Government kills Turkish troops in Syria

3 Turkish soldier’s life taken and 10 others injured in Syria’s northern area in an air strike of Syrian government, states Turkish military.

The strike took place on Thursday at round about 03:30 (00:30 GMT), in the duration of an action by Turkish-supported Syrian rebels in opposition to IS militants.

This is possibly the initial time soldiers of Turkey are killed by government forces of Syria in the attack.

There were no instantaneous remarks from Syrian military.

It has formerly criticized support of Turkey for the rebels by means of hundreds of warplanes, troops, artillery and tanks as an “obvious violation of Syrian sovereignty”.

The rebel attack, called Operation Euphrates Shield, was initiated 3 months before with the purpose of driving militants of IS away from the border of Turkey.

The government of Turkey also desires to enclose US-supported Kurdish Syrian Popular Protection Units (YPG) armed force, which it states is an addition of the banned PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) in Turkey.

Until now, the radicals have driven militants of IS out of over 694 sq miles (1,800 sq km) of land, in accordance with the military of Turkey, and re-captured the main Jarablus border town and the characteristically important Dabiq village.

They are now surrounded the al-Bab town, the very last IS stronghold in province of Aleppo.

The soldiers of Turkey killed during the night were positioned near to al-Bab whilst they were marked by aircraft of Syrian government, a state-directed news agency stated.

The injured and dead, one of them was stated to be in a serious condition, were transported to hospitals in the Turkey’s southern provinces of Gazientep and Kilis.

The deaths denote that as a minimum 15 soldiers of Turkey have lost their life since the start of Operation Euphrates Shield, in accordance with a news agency.

Most passed away in fights with IS, but one was executed in an assault blamed on YPG