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Alliance strike took life of 20 civilians close to IS-detained Raqqa.

Alliance strike took life of 20 civilians close to IS-detained Raqqa.

US-supported forces pushed offensives on the strongholds of IS group in Iraq and Syria, as an air hit by American-directed association seemingly took life of 20 civilians close to Raqqa, the Syrian city.

Supported by alliance air hits, armed forces of Iraq have moved forward into Mosul stronghold of IS and an Arab-Kurdish militia coalition has been moving ahead on de facto Syrian capital Raqqa of jihadists.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated on Wednesday that an alliance strike during the night had struck the IS-detained Al-Heisha village, approx 25 miles (40 kilometers) Raqqa’s north.

Rami Abdul Rahman, the leader of the Britain-oriented monitoring faction, stated 9 women and 2 kids were in the midst of 20 civilians who lost their lives and that 32 additionals had been injured.

The SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), the militia coalition that Washington is endorsing in the attack, refuted the civilian casualties.

“There is no similar thing, and any similar claims are news of IS,” Jihan Sheikh Ahmed, spokesperson of SDF stated.

Colonel John Dorrian, a spokesperson intended for the alliance said, it seems that there had been hits in the region.

“Subsequent to an initial estimation, the alliance verifies it did carry out hits in the region explained in the accusation,” he stated.

“However, more precise information is required to convincingly determine blame” for civilian deaths.

The Observatory stated the most recent deaths carried the amount of civilians life taken since US-directed air hits in Syria started in 2014 September to 680, comprising 169 kids.

In the meantime the Pentagon stated in late hours on Wednesday that US air hits in both Iraq and Syria since 2014 may have taken life of 119 civilians, a number far lesser than estimations by numerous monitoring factions.

Around 200 families had run away Al-Heisha, in accordance with an SDF executive.