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Almost 150 evacuated from Aleppo’s eastern region


Almost 150 residents, the majority disabled or else in requirement of urgent treatment, were taken out during the night from an Old City hospital of Aleppo, the 1st main medical mass departure from eastern region, on Thursday the ICRC (International Committee of Red Cross) stated.

They were trapped in there for several due to fighting and as vanguard moved nearer, Krista Armstrong, ICRC spokesperson stated, with merely 5 staff to take care of them.

6 kids, found unaccompanied in close by streets, 7 months to 7 years of age, were moreover taken out. “The eldest stated they had not eaten in 2 days”, she stated.

11 patients lost their life due to shortage of medication or died in crossfire earlier than ICRC and SARC (Syrian Arab Red Crescent) squads could arrive at them on Wednesday, stated by the agency in a report.

Marianne Gasser, delegation leader of ICRC in Syria, who now is in Aleppo, stated regarding the evacuees: “Several of them can’t move and require particular care and attention.”

The UN has stated that approx 400 wounded and sick patients needed urgent evacuation for weeks from Aleppo’s east for cure, other than it was not obvious even if the 150 were in the midst of them.

Among the disabled, mental and wounded patients taken out from Old City’s Dar Al-Safaa hospital, 118 were transported to 3 hospitals in government-held Aleppo’s west. Some were taken out on chairs.

16 emergency and critical cases were taken by ambulance towards University Hospital and Al-Razi surgical hospital, Armstrong stated. Ibn Khaldoun hospital acquired the elderly patients and of mental health. They were transported by bus, she stated.

30 other children, men and women were taken to protection, moreover in west of city, statement of ICRC said.

The army of Syria has got control of every part of Old City, a monitoring group of war stated on Wednesday