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Amy Matthews Plastic Surgery : How To Sell Amy Matthews Plastic Surgery

Amy Matthews Plastic Surgery

The Australian actress Amy Matthews was born in 1979 on 29th of March at Melbourne, Australia. Amy works on TV, movies and theaters while best known as Rachel Armstrong, her role in an Australian opera serial Home & Away. Most of her life is spent in Sydney and then she got a scholarship at Philadelphian Arts University, US. After completing this scholarship she went to Sydney and did two years course in acting. There she met his show-husband Jon Sivewright.

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Amy got associated to theatre company Bell Shakespeare. She had a passion to work at theatre and her first performance was with Cigarettes and Chocolate and Other Hang Ups in 2003.

Amy Matthews’ acting debut held in 2001 with a short TV serial Head Start. After that she performed in many TV serials but before acting on the role of Rachel Armstrong in an Australian opera serial Home & Away she did a waitress job to make enough money. After the performance of 4 and half year from the 2006 season to 2010, Amy left the project because she wanted to work on different project. Though this Rachel role made her win a talent award in 2007. After leaving Home & Awayshe done shooting for various theatre plays and a movie Gabriel and guest roles in TV soaps.

Currently she is studying the course of surface design and run a personal blog. There are many rumours about Amy Matthews Plastic Surgery and it is also said that she gone under knife for some plastic surgery parts just to boost her beauty. But Amy indicted this report, in which she was named to have a Botox treatment, nose job and face lift.

If we compare Amy’s old snaps with her recent clicks, the difference will see clearly. Another bad news is that she looks more lovely and beautiful in old ones. Lots of time plastic surgery gives wrong results that you never wanted in yourself but sometimes it gives the outstanding results. In Amy Matthews Plastic Surgery the results were adverse of her expectations.

The procedures of plastic surgery she underwent, changed her looks totally but still Amy isn’t accepting any of speculation, she is accusing but not admitting. Her new pictures show a nose job and face lifting with a shiny flawless tight skin, and we all know this all can be done after a Botox treatment. People said her early looks were more natural, now she looks some artificial type. First her nose was so wide and bulbous but it is defined and sharp.

The only procedure in Amy Matthews Plastic Surgery that went favourable to her was her nose job first her nose was so wide and bulbous but it is defined and sharp. Though now her skin is wrinkle free but doesn’t suits on her. Because she didn’t ever admitted that’s why we are not sure do she really underwent from some plastic surgery procedures.

If you give a look at her before & after pictures you can see clear difference in her face but she never admitted any of the procedure.

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