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Andrey Karlov, the Russian ambassador shot dead at Ankara exhibition.

Ambassador of Russia to Turkey was shot down before a mass at a high-class art exibition in Ankara as the gunmen screamed angrily “do not forget Aleppo”.

Andrey Karlov was talking at an event of photo exhibition in capital while he was gunshot by an off-duty policeman of Turkey.

Police later on executed the attacker on Monday nighttime, Turkish TV channel stated.

Andrey Karlov of 62 years of age was quite a few minutes into speech at a photo exhibition sponsored by embassy whilst a male who was standing just behind him gunshot the ambassador in several time.

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman of foreign ministry of Russia made the declaration of Karlov’s passing away in a live broadcasted statement.

The attacker was a 22 year of age not on duty police official who worked in capital of Turkey, Melih Gokcek stated, Mayor of Ankara.

Turkish police apprehended 6 people because of the assassination, on Tuesday said by state media. A state-directed news agency stated the father, mother, sister and 2 further relatives of the attacker were detained in Aydin, whereas his flat-partner in Ankara was moreover detained.

Subsequent to the first shot, the assailant came up to Karlov as he was lying on ground and took at least one more shot at that range, in accordance with a photographer present at the sight.

He walked furiously around body, shouting at the same time and furthermore smashed numerous exhibitions’ framed photos, but afterward allowed the stunned visitors to go.

The sight of Karlov’s killing by an affiliate of security forces of Turkey at an exhibition destined to draw attention to culture of Russia reinforced the unease sense over conflict of region and difficult network of relationships and alliances.

A number of media channels stated a gunfight afterward proceeded when Karlov was gunshot.

Local television stated at least 3 people were injured in that gunfight.

Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin talked on phone regarding attack of Monday.