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Angelina Jolie Net Worth; How Much Money Angelina Jolie Have?

Angelina Jolie Net Worth

Angelina Jolie Net Worth: $ 200 Million

  • Source of Wealth: Television, Film
  • Full Name: Angelina Jolie Voight
  • Birth Place; California, Los Angeles, United States
  • Height: 5’ 8” ( 173 cm )
  • Nationality: American, Cambodian
  • Marital Status: Married to Brad Pitt
  • Ethnicity: Slovak, German, Dutch, French Canadian, Slavic
  • Weight: 137 lbs ( 62 kg )
  • Education: Beverley Hills High School
  • Occupation: Film Director, Actress
  • Children: 6 ( Vivienne, Knox, Pax, Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh )

Angelina Jolie net worth is $ 200 Million. She is the woman who makes action films and makes money in his bank. “Salt” was actually written for Tom Cruise and it was bought in about $ 300 million and it was total budget of $ 110 million. Another movie named “The Tourist” in 2010 which earned from its box office about $ 280 million through overseas. This film enhanced Angelina Jolie Net Worth.

After that she also signed up for being a new face of Louis Vuitton on 22nd April 2011 in the slam dunk deal which is about $ 10 million. This is according to the E! Online. The reports of In Touch Magazine presented that Brad and Angelina spend about $ 10 million every year on their kids which is also a contribution in the Angelina Jolie Net Worth. She earns every year and her money depends on too many things. She earns about 7 to 15 million dollars for one movie and she almost appears in at least two movies every year. She is generous and spends money for many causes as well like she spent about 7 million dollars for a cause.

Through Her Career

She did her first leading role in the film in 1993 which was a Sci – fi thriller in Cyborg 2 which was a followed by the Hackers of Cult hit in 1995. She got involved in the efforts of humanitarian to become involved with the UNHCR to travel along the world to donate money and on filed missions to relief many of the organizations. Jolie also founded Foundation of Jolie Pitt with Brad Pitt, her husband.

Angelina Net Worth is high and it is not something to hide. Because of the looming battle or custody with Brad Pitt, his spouse spends money without worrying.

Bonding of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt and their Belongings

Pitt & Jolie are an ideal couple who divide all their assets quickly and easily. According to the sources, Pitt & Jolie have all the details of the properties which are 12 in number and it estimates about $ 400 million. There are seven properties of Pitt which bring about three of them together and get married in 2014. Angelina Jolie Net Worth is estimated after their mix – up of the revenues.

The estimate of Brad Pitt Net Worth is $ 240 million and Angelina Jolie Net Worth is $ 160 million. They use their assets which are to be divided and purchased their winery for $ 60 million in 2012. For the project of Pitt, they were supposed to split and liquidate the money. Judge also recommended them this. It was also to be figured out that who will own this Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation which was also a project of Jolie. Jolie and Pitt had this Plan B and also their separate ventures.

Pitt paid about $ 2.55 million for these three properties in 90s in Los Feliz and also purchased a home in Santa Banta in 2000 for about $ 4 million. Jolie and he used this property of 11.5 acre and then bought a property of $ 8.5 million in 2005 in Malibu. It was sold to Ellen DeGeneres. The apartment she bought in Ansonia was built in NYC and it is 1, 232 sq. foot. A home was also bought by her in 2003 in Cambodia and also a land of 12, 000 acres in a preserve of wildlife.

With the togetherness of Pitt and Jolie adjoining properties were added up for about $ 2, 387, 500 and they compound was reportedly of cost about $ 4, 942, 500 and structures were included in it. Mansion of $ 3.5 million was bought in New Orleans French Quarter a guesthouse in 2006. It was sold to $ 6.5 million. The price was down with $ 5.65 million.

Chateau Miravel was bought which was a multi estate residency in France in 2012 for about $ 60 million. The house was mainly reported which had about 35 rooms. There are recording studios, chapel and cottages, landing pads, dirt bike course, an arcade, screening room, gyms, pools, ponds, vineyards, forests and olive groves. They also bought an apartment in 2007 in Waldorf – Astoria. Also they invested in the bedroom property in Spain, Majorca for $ 2.65 million euros in June.

Will Brad Pitt’s Net Worth Be Split In The Divorce?

Angelia Jolie Net Worth is quite enough which does not let her suffer from financial conditions. Kids and Jolie are staying in Malibu in a home of worth $ 12 million since they have broken up. They are paying rent about $ 95, 000 which has 11 rooms in total and area is 4, 409 sq. ft. it has a media room, patios and pool. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce is not going to affect their children.