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Apple is going to rock in year 2018: OLED featured displays 3 new models will glorify apple lover’s in coming year

Apple introduced iPhone in 2007 and since from that time people are in love with this astonishing creation. Every year iPhone lovers wait for upgraded version of iPhone. In the current year, 2017 iPhone 8 is going to make its debut. Well, a surprise for iPhone fans is still in the air. 3 new models of iPhone 9 with OLED displays will shine in the year 2018.

oled apple iphone 8 and 9
From three decades apple manufacturers facilitated its consumers with the astonishing range of computer systems. But versatility in iPhone has no match with any other cell phone in the world.

It seems that people eyes on iPhone manufacturers have made them generate line-up for upgraded models. With the debut of iPhone 8 this year and news of three new models released in the year 2018 point towards this reality that Apple manufacturers are working day and night to make themselves stay on number one position. Yeah! They deserve this number one position as they understand needs of users up-to-mark.

apple 9 new models will glorify apple lover's in coming year

apple 9 new models will glorify apple lover’s in a coming year

Well! Admiration is still on the peak as in this year with iPhone 8 debut they launched upgraded versions of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. New iPhone 8 also featured on OLEDC display, and it seems that iPhone 9 with three models will be iterative upgraded versions of iPhone. OLED featured displays panel does not mean that apple is not going to sell LED display iPhones. According to some sources, it has been found that iPhone 7 LED featured show will be sold in the year 2019. Korean Herald in one report mentioned that iPhone 9 would make their debut in astonishing screen size of 5.28 inches and 6.46 inches and yes, with OLED displays. To make great setup of their OLED plants apple manufacturers are making investments in LG’s infrastructure. Wherever possible Apple wants to make diversify its supply chains. From sources, it has been found that for this purpose new 5.8 inches iPhone 8 will be produced exclusively by Samsung.




To meet standards of OLED displays, Apple needs suppliers to give OLED displays screens output on time. For this purpose, Apple is working on its product line to coincide with technology.
Besides all above, it has been reported that battery shape of iPhone 9 will be in L shape with optimized internal space. iPhone 8 battery is also on the line of L-shaped. iPhone 8 battery timing will be greater than iPhone 7 plus. In this competitive world, this feature is the most loved feature of everyone. Just as a reference would like to mention that iPhone 7 has battery time equal to 13 hours with “LTE browsing.” On just a single charge iPhone 7 facilitate its users with Wi-Fi browsing of 15 hours and wireless audio playback of 60 hours. With these standards, it looks like iPhone 8 will astonish its users with its cool specifications. This the reason company’s operating strategy is admired by everyone. With one great model, they parallel work for the upgraded model to meet standards of users.