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Assad says attacking terrorists is single way to guard civilians.

Assad says attacking terrorists is single way to guard civilians.

Government of Syria forces should clear Aleppo from Islamist militants who are still directing the eastern region of besieged city as it is the solitary method to guard civilians present there, Bashar Assad, the President has stated.

“How can you defend them whereas they are below the power of terrorists? They have been executed by them, and they have been directed completely by terrorists,” Assad said on Tuesday in a “censorship-free” interview.

“Is it our responsibility to sit away and observe if that is how we can guard the people of Syria? We have to to attack the terrorists. That is patently obvious,” the leader of Syria stated, replying to a query from a reporter, who dealt with him by means of the extensively-shared picture of a child covered in ash purportedly pulled from ruins in Aleppo.

The interview arrived as government of Syria’s armed forces tries to re-take eastern part of Aleppo, presently detained by militants of Al-Nusra Front. Civilians equal to 250,000 are supposed to be in the region, with no water, food and sanitation access, whereas humanitarian agencies inform of a threatening humanitarian catastrophe.

Assad additionally said that the steps of government to set free city from Islamists fall entirely inside Syrian law.

“That is our assignment, according to the law, according to the constitution, that we ought to defend people, that we must get relieve of those radiclas from Aleppo. This is the place we can defend civilians,” he stated.

Previously, envoy of Russia to UN, Vitaly Churkin, stated that ‘moderate’ resistance forces combating together with Al-Nusra Front in eastern part of Aleppo should apart themselves from Islamists. If they can perform that, militants of Al-Nusra will after that be presented a chance to move back from city or encounter defeat.

Aleppo that was a big city with flourishing tourism and businesses once is at the present in the middle of the nastiest-hit area in war-shattered Syria. Backed by aircraft of Russia, forces of government freed western Aleppo region previously present year, but the war intended for this major city is not going to over soon.