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Attack On American University in Afghanistan Leaves 12 Dead

Attack On American University in Afghanistan Leaves 12 Dead

Attackers stormed the barricaded of American University of Afghanistan with very high bombardment in Kabul. It was happened with the firing of the overnight siege in hour – long and there were only 12 people who were left dead and 30 were wounded till Thursday morning.

The assault was begun with the evening classes which started on Wednesday. The truck was exploded outside the fortified campus wall and it was opened with the way of two assaults and it was panicked by the students and the staff fled and then they were hidden. The witnesses and officials were Afghans who gave this statement.

There are about seven students and three policemen and also two security guards who were killed in this nine hour siege and the police spokesman said that thirty students were wounded.

The responsibility was not claimed immediately for the assault but talking about the university students it was the high risk of attack from the militants of Taliban due to the linkage of foreigners.

The Afghans of Elite troops were leading to the exchanged and clearing operation of gunfire with these militants and they were attempted to secure the whole campus. These foreign troops were leading to the US military coalition and they were assisted and advised to the forces of Afghan.

The advisors of the Afghan were taking a combat role in the counterparts of the Afghan and it was the statement of US. Army Col. Michael Lawhorn was a spokesman for US and NATO in Afghanistan for the forces.

Ahmad Mukhtar was a part of the count yard who was talking to the friends and he was fired at the gunshot and he was also followed by the explosion at larger scale.

The explosion of the whole university was told by the Ahmad Mukhtar and he was the local reporter and also the student of university for part time. all the people were rushed towards the same direction and they jumped over walls.

Mr. Mujahid was the spokesman of the police and it was about 700 students who ran inside the campus when the attack took place. Most of the people were present at the prestigious school after their classes were over.

The University for English Language was opened in 2006 in US which was funded with the top of the country and it was instituted for the higher education and was attracted by many young people which included foreign afghans. Many foreign teachers also teach there.

In the early stage of this month, two of the teachers were working at this university and it included Australians and Americans. They were also kidnapped on their way from the guesthouse to the campus. All the whereabouts were unknown.

This attack took place on Wednesday and it was done after the service member of US and was killed at the bomb of roadside. It happened during the patrol in the hotly contested province which was at the south region. There were Six Afghan Troops who were wounded.

The first US fatality in Afghanistan was took place in January and foreign troops were embarrassed for this drawn and their combat roles in the reinvigorated Taliban of confront.

There was another challenge which was taken place for the security of the local branch emergency in the Islamic state and they were carried out to be the triple suicide attacks and there were 80 people wo were killed with this attack.

Most of them were the members of Shiite Muslim Hazara where majority of the people were gathered to the protest of peace. The deadliest terrorist attack of the people was strike in the capital for war of about 15 years.