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IS attacked on football team of Israel in Albania at World Cup qualifier


IS tried to attack on national football team of Israel but was blocked by police who discovered explosives, bombs, electronic equipment and guns arranged for the massacre.

It is said it was among the simultaneous assaults planned by radicals in Kosovo and adjacent Albania, where previous week team played a qualifier for World Cup.

The stadium in Elbasan was protected by over 2,000 police officers.

In Kosovo police detained 19 people on 4th of November, with 6 others arrested in Macedonia and Albania in order of the crackdown.

The suspects supposedly received their instructions from Lavdrim Muhaxheri, the self-declared “leader of Albanians in Iraq and Syria”.

A police report stated plans were in position to attack on football match and a further target in Kosovo at the similar time.

The location of qualifier of previous weekend was changed due to security measures from Shkoder’s northern city, close to the Montenegro border, to Elbasan, which is a lot closer to capital Tirana.

Investigations in Kosovo revealed “religious literature and matter from famous authors recognized for their radical ideology”.

The assaults were intended by a cell synchronized by 2 Albanians supposed to be based among IS in Syria.

Hundreds of radicals from Balkans are assumed to be fighting in favor of IS in Syria and Iraq, even though analysts’ state the stream has fell in previous year as journey to the group’s regions becomes more complicated.

A statement released by EU ISS (Institute for Security Studies) in June established that Balkan states were “top providers of volunteers combating for rebel Islamic organizations for instance Jabhat al-Nusra and Daesh [IS]”.

The ISS positioned Bosnia and Kosovo as top 2 European nations for overseas fighters each one, whereas Albania is positioned in 4th after Belgium.

As it undergoes major territorial losses, IS misinformation has gradually more encouraged supporters to initiate assaults on homeland, by way of Israel being particularly selected as a mark in propaganda.