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Australian Woman Shot Dead By Police Officer: Police Chief Forced Resign Came After This Fatal Incident

Jane Harteau, Minneapolis chief of police on Friday resigned upon Mayor’s request. All this happened because of a fatal incident when an Australian woman for help called 911. It has been reported that she was unarmed, but still, a police officer shot her dead. She died because of a bullet shot in her abdomen. Mayor said in an interview that:

“I’ve lost confidence in the chief’s ability to lead us further”
 and that “it is clear that she has lost the confidence of the people of Minneapolis as well.”
Name of a police officer who shot women is Mohamed Noor. This happened on last weekend. Ms. Damond’s family is in extreme shock as they have been informed about incident very little. Home country prime Minister of Ms. Damond has condemned this act.



This all started last weekend when Ms.Damond called 911 to report something doubtful near her home. She reported about sexual assault in her neighbors. After several minutes officer Noor with his partner, Matthew Harrity arrived at reported location. Just then because of startled noise officer Noor shot from open window of his cruiser and in dark alley Ms. Damond approached their cruiser and got shot from Officer Noor.

In all this explanation officer Noor did not speak anything for both the officers explained their reason for not turning on their body cameras at that location. Minneapolis chief of the police force at this situation gave an interview and said that:

“the recent incidents do not reflect the training and procedures we’ve developed as a department.”



He further added that: 

“I’ve decided I am willing to step aside to let a fresh set of leadership eyes see what more can be done for the M.P.D. to be the very best it can be,”

He said that: 

“The city of Minneapolis deserves the very best.”

This incident pointed towards the former protests of 2015 when likewise, fatal shooting of an unarmed black person happened. His name was Jamar Clark. Previous incident and current incidents raise many questions on police tactics.

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Civil rights activist and lawyer, Nekima Levy Pounds who is running for Minneapolis Mayor said to Chief that “needed to be fired.” she added that it has been: “a slap in the face to people of color”. She said so as chief mentioned that Ms. Damond was white as in recent incidents police officers were involved in black people shootings.
Ms. Levy stated that: 

“She is attempting to paint this as an isolated case based on one officer’s poor judgment as opposed to a systemic pattern,”

Ms. Hodges in November will be up for re-election, for her police issues she is facing criticism. She was appreciative of service of chief but still requested for resigning. Ms. Hodges said: “In conversation with the chief today, she and I agreed that she would step aside to make way for new leadership,” She added that: “I asked Chief Harteau for her resignation, she tendered it, and I have accepted it.”