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bahubali 2 full movie download 2017

Bahubali 2 full movie download 2017

For entertainment, people chose different things like sports, music, movies, video games, serials and short dramas. In today busy world people have less time for doing things other than work, so mostly they chose music and movies. They prefer music while driving on their way to office and back to home, but when they got spare time on weekends, they spend it with their family by going cinema, restaurant or watching the movie at home. The movie is a great entertainment that every individual has in his busy life. There are many industries in the world those produce films on different concepts and offer them in cinemas, and the people associated with them are known as showbiz stars. World’s largest movie industry is Hollywood which is located in America. On the second no. is Bollywood which is located in India. Both are the biggest and release their movies all over the world. From the last decade, there is emerging new film industry with the name of South Indian Cinema. Their movies are super-hit as they have large no. of viewers and doing great business. Also, many of them have been copied by the Bollywood.

What is meant by South Indian Cinema?

South Indian Cinema release movies in different languages likeTelugu, Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam and they have different names like Telugu industry is called as Tollywood, Tamil is named as Kollywood, Malayalam is known as Malayawood. These little industries have emerged well and started producing movies that even beats the level of Bollywood. Bahubali and Bahubali 2 is the best example of this industry. No one is unfamiliar with these movies. Bahubali was first released in the Tamil language, and later after its success, they have decided to release its Hindi version which has even done a greater business for both parts. More details about Bahubali and Bahubali 2 are provided in the lower section of this article.

Bahubali: The Beginning

The great Bahubali: was released on July 10, 2015, in Tamil as well as the Telugu language. Millions of people appreciated the movie due to its high graphics, solid story, good acting and perfect direction. The director of the film is S. S. Rajamouli and Prasad Devineni and ShobuYarlagadda produced it. The movie was later translated into Hindi version and released on Box Office of Bollywood after the success in Tamil and Telugu language. This was the turning point for this movie, and millions of people watched this movie all around the world and broke the records of highest sales in its first week. The movie was starring famous Prabhas, RanaDaggubati, AnushkaShetty, Tamannaah, Ramya Krishnan, Sathyaraj, and Nassar. The story of the film is very solid and remained very successful all around the globe. The movie was produced under the banner of the Arka Media Works, and the budget of this success story was held as 1.8 billion INR. Due to its success all around the world, Bahubali has managed to earn INR 6.5 billion.

Story of BahuBali: The Begining

The story started with Ramya Krishnan who is an injured woman from the Kingdom of Mahismati in ancient times. She was caring a baby in her hand while She lost balance and fell in the river she raised her hand above the water to save the baby MahendraBaahubali. Nearby villagers came and took the baby, and the head of the villagers kept this baby with them as they have no child. They raised the child and him grow up with strength and lot of God gifted features. Sivudu is his name called by villagers, his adopted parents told him never to climb the hills of the waterfall, but he tried again and again and finally succeed in climbing. There he got in love with Avantika and started living his life with her suddenly a twist comes in his life. Avantika was trying to escape Davesani from Bhalaldev and Sivudu decided to help her. One day he entered raj mahal and beheaded Bhalaldev son Bhadra, that was the moment when kattapa ‘one of the head of royal army’ realized that he is MahendraBaahubali. When people started calling him Bahubali the king his adopted parents told him a real story, and he gets to know that he the son of AmrindarBaahubali and his original name is MahendraBahubali. After all, this decided to get back and contact Sivagami. The movie ended with a scene where Kattapa told Mahendra that he the killer of his father, AmrinderBahubali.

Earnings of Bahubali: The Begining


BahuBali has set many new records and broke many after its release in Box Office of Bollywood. On its first day of release, it collected INR 50 cores and became the first movie of the year to reach at this level on its first day. Previously the record was held by Happy New Year of Shahrukh Khan which earned INR 44 crore on its first day. Other records of highest earnings on the first day are Dhoom 3 of Amir Khan INR 36 crore, Chennai Express of Shahrukh Khan INR 33 crore and EkTha Tiger of Salman INR 32 crore. This was the data of first day sales of these popular movies now have a look at highest earning in 1st week of release. BahuBali earned INR 144.7 crore in its first week of release which is the highest ever in Bollywood. The second highest earning movie in the first week is Happy New Year with INR 107.9 crore. Dhoom 3 collected 107 crores, and Chennai Express earned INR 100.3 crore in the first week of release.
The total earnings of Bahubali: The Beginning all around the globe crossed INR 600 crore and it became the first Indian movie to cross INR 500 crore that much faster. After the success of Bahubali: The Beginning, the production team, gave a statement that they are planning to release the 2nd sequel of Bahubali in 2017. After this news, the media flashed with tickers and banners of this statement and people got interested in the second part of the movie right after few months of Bahubali: The Beginning release.

BahuBali 2: The Conclusion


The most awaited sequel ever Bahubali 2: The conclusion was published on April 28, 2017, worldwide and has set many new records. Soon Bahubali 2 became the most favorite film in the whole world. The revenue this movie has collected in just one week after the release date has broken all the records worldwide. According to the news, Bahubali 2: The conclusion has earned 534 Indian crores just in India and has beaten many famous movies like Dangal, Sultan, PK, BajrangiBhaijan and Dhoom 3. You would be amazed to know that the prior highest record was 420 Indian crores which were also made by Bahubali: The beginning. The most shocking thing is that it has not a biggest or outstanding cast in the world, but still, it has managed to cross the movie’s income of highest paid and world-class actors like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, Ranvir Singh and RanbeerKapoor. According to the spokesperson of this movie, it is going to make more in the coming weeks as the movie has just started doing the business.

If we specifically talk about the income from a different version of this movie means in different languages then it has made 300 Indian crores only in Hindi. Apart from Hindi, it has made 200 million in Telugu and 100 in the state of Chennai, and overall it has made 860 Indian crores business in all languages around the globe. The cast of the Bahubali 2: The conclusion includes Prabhas, AnushkaShetty, RanaDaggubati, Tamannah Bhatia, Ramya Krishnan, Nassar, and Sathyaraj. This movie was produced under the banner of Arka Media Works.

1.  First position in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh by gaining record amount of INR 168 crores
2.  Overall highest collections for the first week in Tamilnadu which is INR 59.5 before this record          was with Kabil
3.  All-Time 1st-week highest collection in Kerela that is INR 33.52 crores previously record was             with   Pulimurugan having INR 25.45 crores
4. Highest collection in Karnataka in the first week which is INR 63 crores and broke record of               Raajakumara of Rs 29.8 crores
5. Broke record of Sultan that was INR 209 crore and made INR 247 crore in a week in Hindi                 version
6. Won highest collections in 1st-week in the USA and got INR 84.2 crores
7.  Made INR 86.5 crores around the globe at international level and broke all previous records
8. Hence Prabhas’s movie Bahubali 2: The Conclusion has smashed all the existing records of the           box office in the first week of release.
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion has already broken all the previous records of all-time favorite Indian movies and has set up a new record for the upcoming movies. Currently, the movie has made overall more than INR 800 crore, but this is not the final. The movie is still in cinemas and earning the amounts on regular basis. So what would be the final earning when it comes out from cinemas? If we see the performance of the movie in part 1 and also in part till date, it seems that the movie will make more than INR 1500 crores. According to the biggest analyst of the film industry, this film will make cross INR 1000 crores just from the Indian market. Bahubali 1 has done INR 600 crore, and by this record, it is expected that Bahubali 2 will double the amount. This is all because of the solid storyline of BahuBali which is explained below.

Story of Bahubali 2: The conclusion


The movie started by the story telling of Kattapa about the killing of AmarendraBaahubali. After this, he told the complete story of AmarendraBaahubali. Amrendra was decided as the future King by RajamathaSivagami due to its intelligence, tolerance and high praise from ryaaya (public). Bhalaldev was selected as commander of the Army. After the decision, Rajamatha decided to send AmarendraBahubali and Kattapa on a tour of Rajaay to know more about the matters of the king. She also decided to get married him with a beautiful girl when he will be back and started finding a girl for her.
Amarindra was in a small area where he saw Devasena and fall in love with her who was the princess of Kuntala kingdom. Bhalaldev was against Amarendra, and he didn’t want that he become king, so he made a plan after knowing about the love story of AmarendraBahubali. He made a move before AmarendraBahubali and went to her mother RajamathaSivagami that he has accepted and would not be the king of this Rajaay, but he wants something and wants to marry Devasena. RajamathaSivagami gave him watchman and sent a proposal towards King of Kuntala kingdom for his sister Devasena. The proposal was sent in a royal way in which they showed kingdom of Kuntala very short and misery on which Devasena become angry and insulted the emissary and rejected the proposal. On which Devasena passed orders to AmarendraBahubali to arrest Devasena and present her in front of Sivagami. In the next scenes, Kuntala was attacked by the Pindaris, and AmarendraBahubali saved the kingdom of Kuntala from them with the help of Kumara Varma who is maternal uncle of Devasena. They thanked AmarendraBahubali, and he unveiled his identity that he is the future king of Maheshmati and he wants to marry Devasena and will take care of him.
AmarendraBahubali reached Mahismati along with Devasena he comes to know that there was misunderstanding and the proposal sent to the king of Kuntala for Devasena was for Bahllaldev and not for Amarendra. He refused this and claimed that he loves Devasena and will marry her, on this option was given to him to choose between Devasena and throne. He has chosen Devasena and left throne without thinking for a second. On this RajamathaSivagami announced Bhallaldev as the future king. On the Good Bharai ceremony of Devasena, Bhallaldeva removed Amarendra from the position of Army chief of which Devasena spoke out and explained the evil deeds of Bhallaldeva in front of Sivagami. On this Amarendraand, Devasena was thrown out from the Raj Mahal, and they started living among ordinary people.
Amarendra become more popular among people as he helps them in every matter and listens to them and solve their problems. The people started calling him the real king from which Bhallaldev was itched and he made a plan to remove the threat of Amarendra forever. He tried to convince Sivagami that Amarendra is making plans for his death. His father made a plan, and by deceiving, he convinced Sivagami that Bhallaldeva’s life is in threat. Sivagami called kattapa and ordered him the death of AmarendraBahubali. Kattapa falsely made a plan that he is in trouble, but when Bahubali came to help him, he stabbed in his back and killed him. But right after that Sivagami came to know that Amarendra was innocent and it was the fake plan of Bhallaldeva. So when Devasena arrived at Raj Mahal, Sivagami took the son of Amarendra, MahendraBaahubali and announced him the new king of Maheshmati.
Bhallaldeva destroyed the Kuntala Kingdom and when he was about to approach Sivagami and baby (MahendraBahubali), Sivagami flew away and saved the life of Mahendra. Bhallaldeva took Devasena and announced prison of 25 years for her.
Mahendra listened to the whole story, and after that, he decided to fight for his rights and will get back the throne from Bhallaldeva and will take revenge. He decided to return to Mahishmati along with his army and people and decided to war. Bhallaldeva kidnapped Devasena again and thrown him in the jail of the Raj Mahal, but MahendraBahubali managed to enter in the Raj Mahal and Captured Bhallaldeva. He defeated Bhallaldeva and put him in the fire which was prepared by the Devasena. After that MahendraBahubali become the new king of the Mahishmati. He decided to marry Avantika and declared her the queen of Mahishmati.

Facts which are Lesser Known about Bahubali

Bahubali sequel was started in 2015 with Bahubali: The Beginning which becomes famous among people around the globe and had broken many records of highest earning movies. This was the first South Indian movie which was released worldwide and got the hype. In 2017 the second part of the sequel was released and has broken all the previous records and become the highest grossing movie of Bollywood ever. Here her some facts which you don’t know about Bahubali, here is the list of 11 lesser known facts about Bahubali.

1. Turmoil of Advance Booking

People were much excited for this movie and they started booking the tickets online just right the booking started and within 24hs of booking the movie sold 1 million tickets. Many websites of online booking went down due to the extreme level of traffic.

2. Million Views on YouTube

Bahubali 2: The Conclusion released its trailer on YouTube and within 24hs of the release of a trailer it has earned more than 50 million views. Due to this fact, the trailer becomes the 14th most watched trailer in the world and the first most viewed trailer in India.

3. BhaubaliThali: Really?

bahubali 2 full movie in hindi dubbed 2017

ahubali 2 full movie in Hindi Dubbed 2017

After the success of the BahuBali, the hotel in Ahmedabad named as Hotel Rajawadu started serving the BahubaliThali. This is the extremely tough and full thali which can’t be finished alone, and you must have some eating partner with you to complete this thali.

4. Jurassic Park vs. Bahubali

You will be surprised after knowing that the special effects those were in Bahubali were not South Indian achievement and they were achieved by the same team who did it in Jurassic Parkin in 2015. This was the reason why the effects were of high quality and looked original at many stages.

5. Guinness World Record

bahubali full movie download

bahubali full movie download

BahuBali 2 with its extremely large poster has made a Guinness World Record. The poster of Bahubali was extremely large, and its area was 51, 598 sq. feet which are recorded as biggest ever in the world. So here is the other fact out of 11 lesser known facts about Bahubali.

6. Ending is Extremely Expensive

Surprisingly the movie has the highest climax spending’s in the world and no other movie has just done that much spending over just climax. The peak part of the Bahubali 2 was just made in 30 INR crores. It looks very high but not much in front of the overall budget of 300 INR crores.

7. Bahubali Museum! But How?

Director of Bahubali said in July 2015 that they are planning to make a museum under the name tag of Bahubali Museum in which they have planned to place all the armors, equipment and costumes used in the movie. He said further the museum will become operational in the few coming years.

8. Severe Dedication from Team

The main character of the film Prabahas was that much dedicated to this film that he refused all the offers in the time of the making of Bahubali and focused on this movie. More than that Prabhas also postponed his marriage just for the sake of this film. Now we can say that Amir Khan who is known as Mr. Perfectionist will face competition in future because Prabhas is here.

9. Record Breaker

Bahubali 2 has just broken all the records just in its first week of release. Even the biggest movie of most famous stars like Salman Khan and Amir Khan left behind. Sultan of Salman and Dangal of Amir was beaten by Bahubali of Parabhas in his first week of release as Bahubali made INR 125 crores compared to INR 107 of Dangal and INR 105 of Sultan. Bahubali has crossed INR 500 crores and has become the highest grossing Bollywood movie ever.

10. Satellite Copyrights

Bahubali 2 has made another achievement by making record sale of satellite copyrights. It has sold its satellite copyrights to Sony Entertainment in INR 51 crores which are the highest ever for any Hindi version movie.

11. Bahubali Became Fashion

download bahubali 2 full movie in hindi hd

download Bahubali 2 full movie in Hindi HD

Bahubali is a name of style now! You can buy online the products related with Bahubali as well as Bahubali Sarhee, Bahu Bali jewelry and much more. The idea was launched by the JajuSarees which is a fashion brand of Hyderabad, India. The trend becomes very popular within few weeks, and the sales boost.