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Beauty with flaw: First Microsoft’s Laptop review

In the year 2002, Microsoft first surface device made a debut that pitched eventually on replacement of laptop with a tablet. For years Windows fans have waited anxiously for full-blown laptop embedded with giant software.

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Now Windows lovers should become happy as for classroom concern for students full fledge package is in the air from Microsoft. Microsoft hopes that new surface laptops will be of that computer which any student desire to take to their classrooms.

With starting cost of $999, Microsoft is now in line to compete with the popularity of chrome books, GOOG and GOOGL (GOOGLE’s things). This surface laptop has also capabilit7 to fight against Apple’s (AAPL). With potential battery, light weight and beauty Microsoft is going to rock in hearts of its lovers.

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The surface laptop has marks in correspondence with 10 S operating system of Microsoft which is more performance minded and a more securable variant of “Windows 10”. But unfortunately for achieving all these constraints users have to sacrifice such as to make a choice on what you can put on your computer.

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This surface laptop has similar design language like Surface Book and Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Unlike its “stablemates” which has availability only on platinum, the laptop is available in gold, red, and blue as well.

Well, these colors are not only the thing for these surface laptops but also Microsoft has worked on covering the notebook’s keyboard deck with similar “Surface PRO Signature Type Cover” of Alcantara fabric.

Unlike traditional “Keyboard decks” of Surface Book and MacBook, typing experience of these surface laptops is comfortable. Now the question will arise in mind of everyone regarding this fabric that what will happen if something spilled. Well! Microsoft has mentioned that surface laptop will become completely cold as soon as you wipe down it.

It is worth mentioning here that this fabric Alcantara as well used in luxury automobiles. So, one should not take tension of it as its version is synthetic (Suede) and will not get affected by coffee drops.

In the market, one of the most attractive products with astonishing displays are of Microsoft. Hence, like all previous products surface laptops will also rock regarding beauty constraint. Its specs are:

  • 13.5 inches screen
  • 2256 x 1504 resolution

On the other hand, MacBook (Standard) has HD panel 12-inch gorgeous Retina and has a resolution of 2304 x 1440. Meanwhile, MacBook Pro has a screen of 13.3 inches and has a resolution of 2560 x 1600.

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microsoft surface pro 1

Covering of Alcantara keyboards seems a flaw but when you guys will use it and will feel soft touch you guys will love it.

Instead of “Windows 10 Pro” or “Windows 10 Home”, surface laptops have fresh Window 10 S. besides all this surface laptop s have limitations of not installing any random software’s and will install only from “Microsoft’s Windows App Store.” Feel the power, and you now got the idea that you should get it.

Surface laptops with Windows 10 S have security for students and less knowledge able persons. Microsoft’s fans you are going to love it 🙂