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Beyonce Net Worth How Rich is Net Worth?

Beyonce Net Worth

Beyonce is considered to be in world’s top celebrities on the bases of Beyonce Net Worth as well as her talent. Beyonce has been named as Queen B due to her increased level of income and fame touching the sky. Beyonce Net Worth has been earned by a number of sources like singing acting endorsements and concert tours etc. Though her basic profession is singing but a large share of Beyonce Net Worth consists of earnings from other aforesaid activities. Beyonce is one of extremely high earning female celebrity of the world.

Start of Beyonce’s career;

Beyonce started her career in singing in back 1990s when she was a child.

In these years Beyonce Net Worth has reached to almost $450 Million. Speed of increase in her earnings is very fast as she worked on several projects.

Main heads of Beyonce Net Worth;

Following activities contribute in Beyonce net worth:

  1. Music Sales
  2. Concert Tours
  3. Acting in Movies.
  4. YouTube
  5. Endorsements
  6. Clothing Line Ivy Park.
  7. Line of Perfumes

How these heads contributed:

Sources of Beyonce Net Worth consist of 12 Music Albums, 65 singles, 5 Platinum albums contributing 100s of millions, 7 concert tours and several movie appearances.

Beyonce net worth in different years;

In 2000 she earned $30000,

In 2001 she earned $1025517,

In 2002 her earning was $1025517,

In 2003 she earned $32161460,

In 2004 she earned $35725510,

In 2005 she earned $20691293,

In 2006 her earning was $30747723,

In 2007 she got $97357259

In 2008 she earned $ 20676213,

In 2009 she earned $ 123774256,

In 2010 she earned an amount of $2077097,

In 2011 she earned approximately $24038382,

In 2012 she earned $2055178,

In 2013 she earned almost $20767634,

In 2014 she earned $309473410,

In 2015 she earned $20379345,

In 2016(till now) she has earned $200444932.

This flow of series of incomes in previous 16 + years reached Beyonce net worth up to $ 450 million.

Beyonce net worth compared to her husband Jay Z net worth;

Bey and Jay collectively earn as much as they were ranked as second richest couple in the world in year 2015.

This celebrity couple together have net worth of almost $110.5 million. Both of them are  singers and are earning a lot to make them apparent on the list of top millionaires.

Beyonce net worth v/s worth of other celebrities;

Beyonce v/s Taylor Swift : almost same .

Beyonce v/s Rihanna : almost same .

Beyonce v/s Selena Gomez : 7 times bigger .

Beyonce v/s Lady Gaga : 50% bigger .

Beyonce v/s Justin Bieber : 70 % bigger .

Beyonce v/s Milly Cyrus : Twice as bigger .

Beyonce net worth has remained almost always higher. Further if compare this worth with the worth of a typical American family it is 4926 times bigger .

Beyonce net worth from her music albums sales;

Beyonce has earned a large portion of her worth from this head as her main professional activity is singing.

She has earned $35597709 from sale  of studio albums.

$1197000 of her worth is contributed from selling albums other than studio albums.

Beyonce has earned $ 6340140 from selling her songs as leading actress as she has sold almost 42 songs in which she as acted and sung as leading actress.

Beyonce net worth consists of $442944 earned from those singles in which she a sole featured singer. This amount has added to her worth almost more than half.

Beyonce net worth from Concert tours ;

Beyonce has done almost 7 concert tours. She has done almost all of these concert tours as a solo singer. These tours added 10s of millions in her earning.

 Recently she earned $ 200 million from a tour The Formation World Tour in the continuing year,2016. Previously she has done tours like The Beyonce Experience ( $ 76,500,000 ) , I am…. World tour ($ 101,575,000) , Mrs. Carter Show World Tour ( $ 195,268,766 ) , The Verizon Ladies First tour ( $ 18,700,000 ) and on the Run tour ( $ 93,245,000 ). Totally it contributes to the Beyonce net worth equal to ( $ 668,938,766 ).

Beyonce net worth from various endorsements ;

Beyonce has earned a large share of her worth from signing endorsements with different parties.

She has earned almost $ 101500000from year 2001 to year 2016. In her endorsement she has contracted with Pepsi , H $ M , Armani and Tommy Hilfiger.

Beyonce net worth from her perfume line HEAT;

Beyonce has earned as much as $ 400 from her perfume line Heat of which she has given 6 editions of fragrance .

Beyonce net worth from her clothing line Ivy Park;

Beyonce has earned her income from several ways in those ways there is one clothing line named as Ivy Park.

Beyonce net worth from YouTube;

Beyonce net worth has a large proportion of her income from YouTube as well. She has earned through 2 YouTube channels ;

  1. Beyonce (ownership 100%) – $4336594
  2. Beyonce Vivo (ownership  85%)  – $ 38596115

On aggregate Beyonce net worth has $ 42932708 from her YouTube channels.