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Car Bomb Kills 18 at a Military Checkpoint in Turkey

Car Bomb Kills 18 at a Military Checkpoint in Turkey

Eight civilians and ten soldiers were killed in an attack at the province of south east and Kurdish militants are blamed for this by government.

The militants of Kurdish exploded a bomb in car at the checkpoint of military in Turkey at south east region which killed about eight civilians and ten soldiers. The prime Minister of Turkey launched an operation of military against the rebels in its response.

In the condemnation of attack, the press conference in Istanbul was hanged till death for the stability of the country and this will bring everything to save the nation and homeland from the terrorist forces.

The attack took place in the Cuneyit Orhan Toprak who is the governor of province Hakkari and this attack was held on Sunday. It was announced by the news channel NTV. 27 were wounded badly in the attack and they were rushed to the hospitals nearby to get the treatment. Among them, there were eleven soldiers. This was reported by Turkish Military.

 The state – run of Turkey in Anadolu agency cited with a statement by the armed forces of Turkey. The attack took place outside the checkpoint at highway of Semdinli – Yuksekova. It was the worker’s party of PKK or Kurdistan. This checkpoint is about 12 miles away from the Semdinli town.

The attackers were opened fire on the soldiers at distract of checkpoint and before they drive up the minivan, it contained about 5 tons of explosives which was blasted. This explosion was very heavy and it produced about 7 meters deep and 15 meters wide crater. The station of infantry was placed behind this checkpoint which suffered heavy damage.

The authorities of Turkey were imposed with a blackout of attack coverage and cited national securities and public order.

The ministry of energy condemned this attack while a speech was conducted in Istanbul.

All the friendly countries are reminded of the great need of common stance and solidarity is displayed against terrorism.

Wave of bomb is rocked by Turkey in the last summer which killed about hundreds of innocent people and PKK was blamed for this and the Islamic State group.

The fights between state security forces and PKK resumes in the last four years with the collapse of fragile cease war of two and a half. About 600 Turkish security personnel and about thousands of militants of PKK were killed in the clash. This is reported by Anadolu agency.

According to the rights group, hundreds of civilians are killed in this fight.