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Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery It’s All About Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery

Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery

Chelsea Victoria Clinton and in America known by name of Chelsea Clinton is daughter of former President of United States, Bill Clinton. Chelsea is also famous because of her mother who is former Secretary of State and candidate of Presidential elections of year 2016 in America. Yes! We are talking about Hillary Clinton. When Chelsea was child her parents avoided her appearance in public but now she used to be in public most of the times. In fact, she is seemed working for Clinton foundation. From her past and current images analysis, some speculations have been made about Chelsea Clinton. These speculations points towards Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery.

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Chelsea was born in year 1980, on 27th February. She is the only child of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. Chelsea worked for NBC, “McKinsey & company” in year 2011 to 2014. But from 2015, she started working for Clinton Global initiative and Clinton foundation. Chelsea in her childhood did not make much appearance in public events with her parents and only focused on her studies.

In this article we are going to mention about speculations which have been made after watching Chelsea past and current images. There is a visible change in her looks and personality from the last few years. Because of these changes people talk about Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery. Girl, who used to look fuzzy and messed up in her teenage, now looks stunning. She had braces on her teeth, curly hairs and bulbous nose but now all these things have vanished. Her braces are no more, her hairs look straight now and her nose now looks in well-defined shape. All these things compel people to comment about Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery. In the last few years she transformed her body with weight loss and dramatic plastic surgeries.

Chelsea Clinton “Lips augmentation”

Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery

If we compare Chelsea past and current images changes can be seen in her lips. Her juicy lips now are because of lips augmentation adaptation. She used to wear braces in her past. Her chin area and lips looked ugly in past but now her smile is gorgeous. Is this cute smile natural? Well! Compare her past and current images and then let us know what you guys think about Chelsea Clinton adaptation of lips augmentation. Some speculations have been made about adapting lip fillers. Experts say that this beauty in lips is because of lips fillers. Her full lips now make her look attractive and appealing.

Chelsea Clinton “Nose Job”

Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery

Ah! Again a celebrity with nose job, yes! For Chelsea Clinton it is speculated that she went under the knife for nose job. Experts say that she has adapted rhinoplasty to have thin sharp nose. In her past images it can be clearly seen that her nose tip was bulbous but now she has thinner nose. Her nose bridges are now in well-defined shape. Her nostrils do not look wide which they used to look in past. In Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery, nose job was the first which was observed in Chelsea Clinton body.

Chelsea Clinton “chins implants”

Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery

Chelsea has adapted cosmetic procedure of chin implants which brought balance in her facial features. As compared to her past images her cheeks now looks wider. Full cheeks with glorious smile add extra beauty to her face. With chin implants every facial feature of Chelsea now look more attractive. Plastic surgery experts has shared their views that she might have adapted chin implants because having such balanced feature now is not possible with adaptation of cosmetic procedures. As in past she was considered ugly but now she is no uglier. This is not like as she grew up she became beautiful. All this is because of working on her personality. She has worked a lot to change herself either by her actions or by adapting cosmetic procedures.

Chelsea Clinton “Botox injections”

Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery

Chelsea is currently 37 years old and there are no signs of aging on her facial skin. For this thing experts comment that she might have adapted cosmetic procedure of Botox injections. Her flawless facial skin makes her now look more gorgeous than she used to look in her past. Regarding beauty her past was not glorious as it is now.

Above mentioned content is all about the speculations which have been about Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery after making comparison of her past and current images. Let us know what you guys think about her adaptation of plastic surgery.

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