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Chris Rock Net Worth: How Rich is Chris Rock?

Chris Rock

Chris Rock Net Worth: 70 Million Dollars

Christopher Julius Chris Rock III was born on 7th February 1965 in Andrews South Carolina United States of America. He is an actor and producer. He has earned this much worth from these two sources.

Chris Rock net worth and his yearly income:

Chris Rock

Chris Rock earns an average amount of 10 million dollars as his yearly income which has come now up to the level of 70 million as his total net worth estimated in the year 2016.

Chris Rock net worth earning sources:

Chris Rock

Chris Rock is an American comedian and has earned 70 million as his net worth from different sources. Major of his earning sources are as follows:

  • Acting in films
  • TV shows
  • Screen Writing
  • Director

Beginning of career and Chris Rock net worth:

The star has entered into this career in very young age. Chris Rock started his career by standup shows as a comedian in year 1984. Afterwards he started to work in movies. He started to work in movies as a comedian and got his formal noticeable role in the show Saturday night live. He got his fame first time from his comedy performance in this show and got much recognition at national level.

Chris Rock net worth earned from the standup comedy shows:

The person famous for his comedy made his most of fame from the standup comedy.

The most of his comedy shows are as follows which he done and added a much in the Chris Rock net worth.

  • The star started his first comedy show in year 198. The first show he did was Saturday night live. He earned his recognition at national level first time from this show. Later on due to some arguments with the team he decided to leave the show and was fired in the year 1993. Though first cash inflow in a noticeable amount was due to this show which was added in Chris Rock net worth.
  • After getting fired from the Saturday night live he joined another television show which added a sum in the newt worth of the comedian but it did not last more than a month after his joining the show so he left it too.
  • In 1994 the star was offered a show from HBO he started to write and Starr the show having the name of “Big Ass Jokes”. The show got much fame and earned the income of 18 million dollars against 6 million budgeted shows. The show added a huge amount in the net worth of the star as well. Not only money but the star also got Emmy Awards for the said show.
  • Other than that he added a remarkable sum in the net worth by another show on HBO having the title of Bigger and Blacker. He signed into this show in year 1999.
  • The star added a huge amount from another show on HBO. The show was started in year 2004 and was named as Never Scared.
  • In year 2008 he did another show named as Kill the messenger which added a sum in his net worth.

Chris Rock net worth earned from acting in movies:

Most of the star’s net worth is earned from his film acting career. The details of the major films he acted in and the income he earned from the films is as follows:

  • The star earned almost 6 million dollars from his role in the film “Madly Madagascar”. This film was released in the year 2013.
  • In the same year he did grown ups 2 earned another 4.5 million dollars from this movie. This movie was a second version of the
  • “2 days in New York” was the movie which was released in the year and added 4 million dollars in the net worth of Chris Rock.
  • In year 2012 his movie “What to expect when you are expecting” was released which added 3.5 million dollars in the net worth of the star.
  • Another film of Madagascar series “Madagascar 3- Europe’s most wanted was released” in year 2012 which added 3.1 million dollars in the net worth of the comedian Chris Rock.

Chris Rock net worth as a time series of previous five years:        

  • The star Chris Rock had 27 million dollars in his net worth in the year 2012.
  • In the next year Chris Rock net worth was an estimated amount of 35 million dollars.
  • The net worth of star was increased by almost 13 million dollars in the year 2014 and reached up to the level of 48 million dollars in that year.
  • In the next year the comedian and film star had 60 million dollars which was 12 million dollars higher than that of previous year.
  • In the recent year an estimated net worth of Chris Rock is almost 70 million dollars.

Chris Rock net worth as compared to that of other celebrities:

  • The net worth of Chris rock is equal to only 9 % of the net worth of the comedian Larry David.
  • The net worth of the female comedian Joan Rivers is almost double of the net worth of Chris Rock.
  • Chris Rock net worth is almost equal to 54 % of the net worth of Rowan Atkinson (famous as Mr. Bean).
  • The net worth of Carrot Top is almost equal to that of Chris Rock.
  • The net worth of Stephan Merchant, Chelsea Handler, Carlos Mencia is equal to 50 % of the net worth of Chris Rock.
  • The net worth of the comedian Chris Rock is at number 26 in the list of the richest comedians of the world.