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Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers

Last Updated: October 16, 2017

Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers

Christmas a day for everyone and associated with a holiday in which people buy gifts, great food, shopping and having a family gatherings. Celebrate Christmas with their family, friends and loved ones. So people make their Christmas day with make them innovative for other and their self too. They do in Christmas trivia question and answers like trivia quiz to make a Christmas day unique and special just to enjoy it. Here we discuss about the list of a Christmas trivia questions and answers. These questions are not only for Christmas you can ask in any occasions or any time. We here discuss about the best fit on Christmas trivia question and answers that makes you interested and to educate you. There are following question answers for Christmas trivia.
1. Who song is made by carol for Christmas?
Answer: The twelve days of Christmas.
2. Where clatters arise on the day of Christmas?
Answer: on the lawn
3. Which type of canned pie is filling in a big seller on Christmastime?
Answer: Pumpkin
4. Who sung this song “The chipmunk song”?
Answer: Theodore, Alvin and Simon?
5. What gift Caspar bring?
Answer: Myrrh
6. Christmas is celebrated on 25th December so who is patron saint remember on 26th December?
Answer: Stephen
7. How Santa Claus give gifts to continue voyage to distributing gifts?
Answer: “he places his finger on nose and gives a smile or nod”
8. Traditionally how many snowflake points go on?
Answer: Six
9. What is the color of barriers in the plants?
Answer: white
10. Names eight unique Reindeer?
Answer: Comet, Blitzen, Cupid, Prancer, Dasher, Vixen, Dancer and Donner.
11. Which companies advertise featuring smiling and happy Santa Claus so name the company?
Answer: Coca Cola
12. Green and red are the famous color for Christmas but there are more two colors of Christmas name them?
Answer: Green and Silver
13. Do you know the French name of Santa Claus?
Answer: Pere Noel
14. In Christmas carol what is the name Scrooge’s Ebenezer Partner play?
Answer: Jacob Marley
15. When the Orthodox Church celebrated Christmas of Russian?
Answer: 7th January
16. Which country first created Christmas beverages?
Answer: England
17. What popular ornament used in the top of the Christmas tree?
Answer: Angel
18. Who was first announce holiday in United States on Christmas?
Answer: Alabama
19. Who was the last state in United States declared Christmas?
Answer: Oklahoma

Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers
20. What is the name of the little girl in Nutcracker?
Answer: Clara
21. In every corner of the tree which song you hear the most?
Answer: Silver bell
22. What parade was held in 1st January in 1886?
Answer: Tournament of roses
23. What flower Moore will compare?
Answer: A Rose
24. Whose eyes are was made of the coal?
Answer: Frosty
25. What was the original title of ‘One horse Open Sleigh’?
Answer: Jingle Bells
26. What did traffic cop holler the Frosty?
Answer: Eggnog
27. In holiday what they contain milk, egg or sugar?
Answer: Egg
28. Who play the dusty innkeeper in a Charlie Brown Christmas?
Answer: Pigpen
29. What is the punishment of Rudolph’s in his red nose?
Answer: he could play in reindeer games
30. What holiday’s films appear 300 times on television?
Answer: it is a wonderful life
31. Who is the substitute of the Santa Clause? Who starred as the substitute of Santa Claus?
Answer: Tim Allen
32. How many piping pipers do true love to me?
Answer: Eleven
33. What award was made on the Emmy winning cartoon?
Answer: Virginia yes there is a Santa Claus
34. How does Lucy charge for her psychiatric services of cents?
Answer: 5 Cents
35. What was the Brenda Lee do around in a Christmas tree?
Answer: “Rockin”
36. What is the color of the Grinch?
Answer: “Green”
37. Why did “Rudolph” never want to join in?
Answer: “Reindeer Games”
38. What is the vision dance in a children heads?
Answer: “Sugarplums”
39. What city is a miracle on the 34th Street in takes place?
Answer: New York
40. After green and red what are the popular color in Christmas day?
Answer: Golden and Silver
41. Which song is for Santa Claus to full of warning and threat?
Answer: Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
42. When baby Jesus played a song what happened to the drummer boy?
Answer: He comes back to life
43. It’s a wonderful life what two friend share a names?
Answer: Ernie and Bert
44. Which chocolate can wrap in red and green foil on Christmas day?
Answer: Hershey’s Kisses
45. What feature of winter like by St. Nick’s beard?
Answer: Snow
46. What did they give to a Christ Child by a Drummer boy?
Answer: Song on his Drum
47. What does he Caroler sung outside the Scrooge’s office?
Answer: God rest you merry gentleman
48. In the days of depression what they told about the plight of a poor family?
Answer: “The Homecoming”
49. What are the inexpensive gifts on Christmas?
Answer: Stocking stuffers
50. Tell about a reindeer whose name starts with B?
Answer: “Blitzen”
51. What are the non smoking organization sponsors Christmas?
Answer: “American Lung association”
52. What hymn contains a line ‘O tidings of comfort and joy’?
Answer: God rest ye merry gentleman
53. What elves wear on top of shoes?
Answer: “Bells”

Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers
54. Who contain a line ‘something waits for you’ and kiss you once?
Answer: Holly Jolly Christmas
55. How many times Santa Claus sings a song named as ‘the night before Christmas’?
Answer: None