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Clinton advises supporters to ‘stay connected’ as this is the only way

clinton-advises-supporters-to-stay-connected-as-this-is-the-only-wayHillary Clinton reappeared for the initial time later than her astonishing election defeat to Donald Trump.

In speech to Defense Fund of Children in Washington, the Democratic presidential candidate of 2016 advised followers not to “lose heart; do not give up on the ethics we share.” And she presented a personal testament ever regarding her original motivation for being in this profession of public service, her mother.

“I recognize this is not easy. I know that in the past week lots of people have asked a question to themselves, is America is the motherland we thought it was?” Clinton stated, who seemed rather serious and without additional makeup and coiffed style of hair that had turn into her mark on campaign trail.

“The divisions lay uncovered by this election. But please pay attention when I say this: America is important as it was,” Clinton stated. “I beg you, please do not give in, do not surrender on the principles we share,” she stated. “I request you to stay connected on every level,” Clinton said. “That is how we go through this.”

In the speech, Clinton presented an extensive skylight into her sentiments in relation to her mother, which her close friends have forever referred to as her motivation.

Dorothy, mother of Clinton, was deserted at age 8 by her parents and was placed on a train in the midst of her 5 year of age sister, and after that ill-treated by her grandparents earlier than turning out to be a housemaid at 14 years of age.

“She struggled with her life and had beaten every odd. She gave me the unlimited support and love she never had in her entire life,” Clinton stated.

When Trump succeeded in election by means electoral math, Clinton came first in the popular vote by over 1 million votes, an amount that carries on to raise as states like California go on to tally ballots.