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Clinton remains calm in face to face allegations while Trump turns during first presidential debate

Clinton remains calm in face to face allegations while Trump turns during first presidential debate

First debate for presidential elections between Clinton and trump was held along with moderator Lester Holt. Clinton looks calm and composed in the whole debate while Trump turns angry many times. Replying to the Clintons allegations about sexism, racism and tax avoidance the republican candidate becomes angry most of the time in nighty minutes clash at Hofstra University, outside New York. On the other hand trump attacked Clinton on trade and her political records that may helped her in recent polls and she may yet dominate the elections in the same way. But generally the republican property king was looking under prepared for this contest.

Clinton sized it after saying that words matters a lot when you are debating for president’s election after allegations from Trump of prepared for debate. Yes another thing more I did you know what? I am also prepared to be the president. Telling more she elaborated Trumps racism behavior and pointing the scene when he questioned Obamas nationality. Moreover, Clinton throws direct allegations of US invasion of Iraq were supported by Trump and he was in favor of that war but Trump denies it angrily “No I didn’t support that”. Similarly while on the other side Trump puts allegation on Clinton that there are hard hands of her in making DAESH/ISIS.

While in Trumps turn he said that Clinton doesn’t looks like president and she doesn’t have the stamina to be the president. I have been all over the places and you decided to stay at home. In reply of this Clinton said while during the last four years I visited 112 countries as secretary of the state the man on the other side If Trump can spend 11 hours testifying in front of congressional committee than he can talk to me about stamina.

While the debate ended on climate change when Clinton said that Trump feels that it’s a hoax by the Chinese and Trump replied No I did not.