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Couple is going on 2nd world tour on same bike.


In 1989 a fearless duo that travelled the world has lastly got on the 2nd trip, by means of the very similar motorbike they travelled on 27 years before.

Stewart Newsome with Sandra Saunders merely travelled half way about the earth subsequent to departure their home, discontinued in Australia to reside pending May previous year. But on withdrawing the brave duo has decided to take an extra 40,000km as of Alaska to Argentina on that same faithful BMW R100GS.

And they have presently head out on this venture of theirs throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Sandra, 55, stated: “As in 1989 we departed from the UK our plan was to journey around the earth but we merely got partial way. Events occurred and it took the entire trip to a stop. Then we made 2 kids in 1993 and 1994. We prepared all the huge plans to acquire full immigration in favor of Australia.”

Subsequent to that primary leg, which had integrated tours of 20 countries, they advanced in Perth where Sandra educated as a chemistry professor and Stewart who is now of 65, was a house dad.

Then retreat came and they seized 8 months to map the next phase of their world visit.

Started in May 2015, the couple sends the BMW away to Los Angeles earlier than sailing diagonally the North American mainland toward Toronto, Canada, and after that Alaska.

As of there, they headed back down throughout the Americas, getting in the USA, and several countries of South American.

Highlights comprised the rambling, extremely desiccated Desert of Atacama, plus the Rocky Mountains of USA and Yellowstone Parks.

Sandra alleged: “We were extremely well kitted-up. But we most likely had wet climate equipment on majority of the times.

“In the previous month in Yorkshire we have had to dress in our wet conditions gear over in the previous 12 months.”

However, the couple has taken pleasure in visiting old places such like Scarborough.

“We are taking journeys out seeming at old haunts. It is so good to see fractions of the state where we accustomed to depart on family vacations.

“Now we are prepared to move again.”

After travelling through Europe, they intend to stopover sites that they were incapable to take the motorbike into while the 1st tour for example Indonesia, Iran and Burma. But they will remain connected through daughters Lacey and Sairha. “Evidently communications have modified as of when we head out in 1989. There were no mobile phones and internet. We were dependent to get mail when we reach to big centers.”