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Rajkummar Rao as 324 years old man in Movie “Rabata”: Deserves “National Award”


Trailer of movie “Rabata” has been released and audience is waiting for this movie to get released as soon as possible. This movie is going to be release on 9th June 2017. From trailers of this movie one thing obvious that this movie is based on two eras, one modern era and one era of 300 or 400 years old.

Famous Bollywood actors such as Amitabh Bachan, Akshy Kumar and Anil Kapoor used technique of Prosthetics to completely change their appearance in movies. Most noticeable prosthetic usage was done by Amitabh Bachan in Movie “Paa”.

This time Rajkummar Rao has done this job so nicely that people are nominating this guy for National award. When trailer of this film was released a man of age 324 years was seen in this movie’s trailer. But no one imagined that this man will be Rajkummar Rao. In this movie’s trailer he is seen in a “Blink and miss Appearance” but he won hearts of everyone.  Not only is he getting famous among people but also the make-up artist who did this splendid job.

This was really a tough task. From sources it has been found that Rajkummar Rao went through sixteen “test-look” and then final look got finalized. Dirty hands “Zuby Johal and a team from “Los Angles “did this splendid make-up work. This thing is achieved after so many efforts.

From sources it has been found that Rajkummar Rao went through Prosthetic procedures for six hours daily. After this effort he properly adapts his character. Not only had this he worked a lot on Voice modulation. This character and appearance is achieved after wearing so many versatile accessories.

Rao tweeted by sharing his picture and said, “And here is my Guest appearance from #Rabata”.

He is really an awesome actor and deserves National Award. Let us know about your views about him.