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If you’re part of a family where you have to keep a check on purchases made through App Store and iTunes by the children, you’d love to take advantage of Family Sharing on your iPhone/iPad. And if you are too busy with your chores and want to let someone else in the group be in charge of all that then you can designate them as parent so that they can monitor the buying decisions of the younger children and accept or deny their purchase requests as they deem appropriate. Here is how you can do that from your Family Sharing account.

How You Can Designate Someone In The Family Sharing Group As Parent

One thing that you should keep in mind here is that if you want to designate someone as a parent in your family sharing group, you should be the organizer of that group. And, the organizer is the person who sets up the group in the first place. Let’s get on with the steps that you need to follow for designating someone as a parent.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone/iPad
  2. Tap on ‘Apple ID Banner’ that you can see on the top
  3. Tap ‘Family Sharing’
  4. Now tap the name of the person who you want to designate as parent
  5. Tap on switch present in front of ‘Parent/Guardian’ option for turning it on and designating the person as ‘Parent/Guardian’.

That’s how you do it. The person designated as Parent in Family Sharing will now get purchase requests in case if any of the children in the group wants to buy anything from App Store or iTunes. So, if the group organizer is busy and is unable to approve or deny requests then designated parent can take the responsibility. And, only one person can approve requests as there is no need for approval from both the parents.