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Diplomat of North Korea identified who fled London Embassy.

Diplomat of North Korea identified who fled London Embassy.

A North Korean senior diplomat who was public relations in charge for embassy of Pyongyang in London has supposedly fled among his family, in accordance with reports.

The officer recognized as Thae Yong Ho wanted sanctuary in favor of a “third country” which is not South Korea, the BBC stated.

Thae, was functioning as North Korean Ambassador’s deputy Hak Bong Hyon, had been residing in Britain for approx a decade until lately when he went missing at embassy, with his children and wife.

Thae had been in command of endorsing North Korea to public of Britain. He publicly said in the past that North Korea offers free of charge housing and charged the British of being persuaded by their elite of country, as said by the BBC.

“If the public in this country, or in America, be familiar with that there is a nation in the world, where education, housing and medical care is free, then they would encompass doubts,” he formerly said in reply to ridicule as of a parishioners of people. “That’s the cause why the media generates all those terrifying and shocking stories regarding my country.”

“I don’t charge reporters,” Thae stated in 2014 in a speech. “If they televise North Korea as it is, the newspapers and TV stations editors will alter it.”

“The more horrible, the more dreadful tales they make, more will be sighted by the British community,” he allegedly added.

But whilst Thae externally supported his civilization, the diplomat of North Korea may perhaps been thinking an everlasting exit.

Children of Thae reportedly went to a close by British public school and one of them was involved in school club of tennis.

The diplomat of North Korea lived some of his early days in China where he learned Chinese and English, and turned into an associate of foreign ministry of Pyongyang following graduation as of university, in accordance with South Korean reports.