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Dolly Parton plastic surgery: Example of disastrous plastic surgery


Born in ear 1946, on 19th January and currently of 70 years old Dolly Rebecca Parton Dean known by name of Dolly Parton has experienced many plastic surgeries. She is not only a famous American singer but also a renowned actress, businesswomen, philanthropist, author, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. She made her debut in music industry with album “Hello I am dolly”. Now it seems that she is continuously working to make herself a real doll.

Dolly Parton is one of those celebrities who admitted that they went under the knife to adapt cosmetic procedures. As she is 70 years old and has great social life so in Hollywood it is normal to go under the knife to get rid of flaws of body features.

In Hollywood the most honored “female performer” is no other than Dolly Parton. She is really a talented woman as 3000 songs have been composed by her up-till now.

In Hollywood if someone has desire to be on top position as well as be on top in every event then he/ she must work for their appearance. Besides talent, in Hollywood charming personality is considered a lot. So this can be the reason that this celebrity did not hesitate to adapt cosmetic procedures. She admitted many times that she went under the knife to get beauty. In this article we are going to provide information regarding Dolly Parton plastic surgery procedures adaptation.

Dolly Parton “Breast augmentation”

Dolly Parton plastic surgery

If we compare Dolly Parton past and current images then it is obvious that she adapted breast augmentation. Although this adaptation of cosmetic procedure did not support her body figure and she looks weird. Still she manages with her this flaw-full breast size. Dolly Parton plastic surgery is considered as the disastrous example of plastic surgery. In Dolly Parton plastic surgery worst adaptation is of breast augmentation. She looks greatly weird in her this up-size breast and it is considered that over-dose surgery has happened to her. Still this lady has guts to face the world and she openly talks about her plastic surgery and walks confidently in media.

Dolly Parton “eye-brow lifting surgery”

Dolly Parton plastic surgery

As she has adapted Botox and fillers to get rid of wrinkles so this might be the reason that her eyebrows look lifted. But experts comment on this that she had adapted technique of eye-brow lifting surgery. In Dolly Parton plastic surgery again eyebrow lifting surgery instead of adding beauty has made her disaster in beauty. Her eyes cannot open to full shape and because of lifted eye-brow a clever look get embedded on her facial features.

Dolly Parton “Rhinoplasty”

Dolly Parton plastic surgery

Because of adapting extra “doses” of plastic surgery her facial features have changed to bad extent. One of the facial features which started appearing bad is her nose. In Dolly Parton plastic surgery her nose job also went wrong. You can see this disastrous change in her nose after watching her past and current images. As she went under the knife for several time so this excessing of plastic surgeries has snatched her real beauty and now she does not look beautiful as she used to look in her past.

Dolly Parton “Lip Injections and Botox”

Dolly Parton plastic surgery

In Dolly Parton past she used to have thinner lips and had elegant smile but now after adapting cosmetic procedures she has made her smile scary. Sorry! We are using this word scary but yes! This celebrity has changed herself to scariest extent. Having thick and big lips are in trend but this trend did not suit to Dolly Parton facial features. With eyebrow lifting and closed eyes and big lips she looks weird. By adapting no doubt she has attained wrinkles free facial skin but there is un-natural feeling revolving around her face all the time. So again in Dolly Parton plastic surgery her lip injections have gone wrong.

Dolly Parton “Face-lift surgery”

Dolly Parton plastic surgery

In Dolly Parton plastic surgery the thing which went well is her adaptation of face-lifting surgery. Finally thanks to her plastic surgeon that this time he did not spoil her facial skin. At such age of 70 years with this perfect wrinkles free cheeks is a blessing indeed.  But besides this wrinkles free face skin her face look frozen face which has left a bad impact on her image overall. Her facial skin now looks extra smooth and tight which again show signs of her adaptation of plastic surgery.

Celebrities in Hollywood adapt these procedures of plastic surgeries to regain their youth or to add extra beauty to their life. But in case of Dolly Parton plastic surgery she lost charm in her personality. But still fans love her because of her confidence and talent while in these cases of worst plastic surgeries celebrities have to lose their fans. These were all experts’ reviews about her plastic surgery. Let us know what you guys think about her image now because of this plastic surgery adaptation.