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Donald Trump will place the world’s fate at risk: US election 2016


Barack Obama has cautioned that “the destiny of the world” is at jeopardy if Donald Trump is nominated for the White House upcoming Tuesday.

“The fate of world is hovering and you, North Carolina, are heading for have to make certain that we thrust it in the correct direction,” he said to a rally in favor of Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, conveying what the Daily Telegraph depicts as “barnstorming address”.

Obama added up: “I am not on the election (ballot), but I inform you what – impartiality is on ballot; graciousness is on ballot; our democracy is on ballot; development is on ballot; righteousness is on ballot.”

Americans take part in an election for their upcoming president next Tuesday, by means of polls presenting the race contracting among Trump and Clinton. The most recent polls in North Carolina demonstrate the Republican in front by a small part of a point.

Obama said to voters in the major state: “We would not win this voting, potentially, if we do not win North Carolina.”

The President added up: “I don’t like to put a slight pressure on you, but the destiny of the nation lies on your shoulders.”

Trump stated Obama should end campaigning in favor of Clinton and in its place focus on fleeing the country.

“The main thing is, no one desires 4 additional years of Obama,” he said to followers in Pensacola, Florida. “If Hillary were to be selected, it would generate an unparalleled and lengthened constitutional catastrophe.”

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential hopeful has blamed her Republican opponent Donald Trump of “humiliating” women in her latest commercial of campaign.

The ad demonstrates video recording of Trump stating on camera that “placing a wife to work is an extremely dangerous ” and “as soon as I arrive home and dinner is not ready I go through the roof”.