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Earthquake In Italy


The earthquake is about magnitude of 6.2 which has hit Italy centrally and has rescued all the survivors and still rescuers are trying to rescue more of them. It left all the residents frightened and the number of people was trapped under this.

  • According to the CNN affiliate Rai, 21 people have been killed.
  • Quack struck was originally happened at 3:36 a.m. at Norcia.
  • The aftershocks are still there and all the blocking roads and toppling buildings are followed with it.

Doctors Were Informed To Come Back From Holidays

The Saletta town had a local hospital and was called everyone who was there on vacation and helped all the people who were injured. People were also called to donate some of the blood. This is according to the CNN’s Barbie Nadeau in the scene.

Young Girl Found In The Deal People

The firefighter in the Arquata Del Tronto town tells about the death of young girl among the dead people. The missing people are tried to be found out from the dead and it has become difficult to do so as the streets are not too large and they need too much space for working.

At the daytime, search is far better and easy than the late time and also electricity is not in the town.

A Moment Of Pain

The President of Italy Sergio Mattarella explained about his earthquake feelings as “a moment of pain” and described his thoughts with the quake victims and gave a statement.

There is a moment when we need to employ all our forces to save the lives of human and treat all the injured people and also ensure the conditions best for the people who are displaced.

The latest map of the earthquake after its aftershocks

Ten people were killed in Pescara Del Tronto in that village and five in Amatrice and six in Accumoli. This was the report of Rai. The tremors of Rome were about 100 miles away from it.

This town has destroyed completely

The region of Italy Lazio in the north side is left with the ruins only.

According to the “Mayor Sergio Pirozzi”states that

“He was of the view that one appeal should have access o the roads and to cut the people off with the rubble, help for that”

The rescuers were without the power and it was difficult for them to get in the town.

The workers for rescue were called as Amatrice residents and they were trying to answer the cellphones. This was the report of the affiliate and these rescuers get to the next person.

Survey of Damage in Amatrice

The mayor of Accumoli and Stefano Petrucci were talking about the buildings which were new and were damaged the most whereas the buildings which were historic suffered very low.

They were hoping to find someone in the dig.

So many people were trapped under the rubble and the rescuers could not find all the people in that. It was a statement of Curcio, Fabrizio who are the head of civil protection of Italy.

Tommaso Della Longa is the spokesperson of the Red Cross who said about the images of the Amatrice.

The pictures received from the Amatrice who is our delegate talked about the story of the city which is very small and was destroyed completely. The situation became difficult for that moment.

Rescuers Searched For Victims In Amatrice

The priority in these victims was to survive, he said

The areas are positioned in the central Italy and also they are in between the valleys and mountains, he said.

Small houses were there in the valley which was all alone and also they needed help. It takes time to get in there.

Amatrice is also famous for their all’amatriciana pasta sauce and it was the celebration of their festival and this weekend it was going to be their recipe.