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Even though it leads in the fight against climate change: America is going to become energy leader worldwide

Neglect all the muttering on quitting from Paris Accord of the President Trump and declare that America does not complete the share on the issue of warming.
The leader role of this nation continues its growth in the situation of war on weather change is entirely a truth.

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America is going to become energy leader worldwide

Even right to that, the secretary of energy whose is Rick Perry stated this last week that America is rising as a highest-level energy creator.
Rick Perry said that: “American innovation and technology is driving the success — and it’s not some international agreement”.Surely that jumps in exports of coal to India, South Korea, and Europe has already recognized by America.From the importing of natural gas from so many years America is expected to be a total natural gas exporter this year.

We thanked that to fracking boom from which state of Pennsylvania and state of Texas are riches.
New York state is also enriched by the reserves of natural gas but Gov. Cuomo for the safety of environment banned fracking.One of good news is America not limited to that: the energy exports of America are decreasing the world reliance on reserves of gas and also oil from the bad actors- especially the OPEC countries of middle east and Russia.

An example to that is Ukraine might use American coal in place of the natural gas supplied to it is a cutter by Russia
Certainly, greenies are the opposite of the use of all fossil fuels, and never feel the fallout of economics and politics from rasping it.But the last line is here: the change of this weather will be good for here but cannot be good for those elsewhere, in spite the independence of energy of nation is increased.So, neglect the greenie muttering: The people of US can rejoice by the truly encouraging news of energy.