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Foreign Minister of Mexico aperture irritation with U.S secretary of state Rex Tillerson

Foreign Minister of Mexico aperture irritation with U.S secretary of state Rex Tillerson

At a joint press conference Luis Videgaray (foreign Minister of Mexico) showed his concern about Mexican’s national interest to top envoy of Donald Trump. Foreign Minister Luis said that U.S policies could be harmful for Mexican’s people national interest.

After weeks of tension between the two countries two U.S top envoys of Donald Trump are sent to cool down tempers and in that joint Press Conference Luis Videgaray showed irritation and worry to U.S top envoys.

These issues were discussed in Capital of Mexico with Chief John Kelly (U.S homeland security Chief) and Rex Tillerson (U.S secretary of State). Luis Videgaray summed up all the discussion between them to reporters and said, “There exists among Mexicans worry and irritation about what are perceived to be policies that could be harmful for the national interest and for Mexicans here and abroad”.

Mr. Luis told that since Mr. Trump was elected as President of U.S in last November relations between U.S and Mexico has gone towards downfall as there was already “complex time” between these two countries and now it has gone to more decline conditions.

After this joint press conference Mr. Tillerson also talked to reporters and said that in this Press Conference deep differences between two countries has been discussed.

He also consecrated that it was natural that there were conflicts between these two major countries and they disagreed at many crucial times.

Relations between these countries has now gone to worse condition because of the decision that if Mexican immigrants would enter through Southern Border, regardless of their nationality they will be deported and this thing has created extreme worry and fuss between Mexican immigrants.

Further dialogue on trade, security issues and migration issues which these both countries are going through got pledged for further discussion.