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Former Israel President Shimon Peres Dies

Former Israel President Shimon Peres DiesShimon Peres became prime minister for two times and he was the president when he died and his age was 93 at the time of his death.

He suffered from stroke for about two weeks back and he improved his condition before the deterioration suddenly on Tuesday.

Chemi was his son who fled to be the founding fathers of the Israel state and worked tirelessly in this.

Mr. Peres is the last generation of the politicians of Israel and he gave birth to the new nation in 1948.  Also, in 1994, he won a Nobel Prize.

The role was negotiated in 1994 and the accords of peace were with the Palestinians for about a year ago.

He also said about the Palestinians that were Israelis and also the closest neighbors and then they became close friends.

Mr. Peres died on Wednesday in a hospital close by Tel Aviv and he had his family with him.

He also suffered from a major stroke and remained in an intensive care unit at the Sheba Medical Centre and suffered with a major stroke on September 13.

He suffered with his sufferings and with his son – in – law and it was according to Rafi Walden. Son of Mr. Peres was the father of Chemi and served people before he enters in the country they had and they had their own country for them.

He was working tirelessly with the state till the very last day of their life. His father quoted about the single cause which was serving as the greatest one.

Israel’s Prime Minister was “Benjamin Netanyahu” was expressing about the personal sorrow of them. The president was former and the passing of nation.

The president of US was Barack Obama and they were called Mr. Peres as their dear friend and told in a statement that

“He is guided with a vision of dignity of human and all the progresses he is making in the goodwill of the people which could also be done in advance”

About Simon Peres

  • He was born in Polan, Wisniew in 1923 and then lived in Belarus, Vishnyeva.
  • He also got elected as the Knesset in 1959
  • He was involved with 12 governments and it included the president for about two times as a prime minister.
  • He was seen to be a hawk in his previous years and then negotiated all the deals in his arms to fledge the nation.
  • He approved all the settlements of Jews while occupying the territory of Palestine.
  • He played a key role in the accords of Oslo peace in between Palestinians and Israel and they said to have survived in the coexistence of peace.

This Nobel Prize received by him was shared with the Yitzhak Rabin, a prime minister and then they were murdered and Yasser Arafat became the leader of Palestine.

He was charged with many murders and illegal activities which was predeceased by the forces of Israel Defense.

A deal was secured with the supply of France with the nation of Israel and Mirage fighters of jet were set up secretly in the facility of nuclear.

He was announced to be the defense minister where hijackers of Palestine were diverted from the Uganda in Entebbe to Israel. They also rescued about 100 hostages.

The settlements of Jews were occupied in the West Bank by Mr. Peres and then after that they became the demands of territories in Palestinian areas.

A public schedule is maintained with an old age and also because of the non – governmental Peres center for peace. It promotes the tie close in between Palestinians and Israel.

He got retired in 2014 from his role of presidency.