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Germany knife attack claimed by Islamic State

Germany knife attack claimed by Islamic State

ISIS, also recognized as the Islamic State (IS), Daesh and ISIL, has claimed the blame intended for a stabbing assault in Germany 2 weeks before, other than authorities of Germany are not so clear in their mind.

Officials of Germany were working on Sunday to authenticate a declaration by the rebellious faction that an assault on a pair on a pond was carried out by means of a “fighter of the IS (Islamic State).”

On 16th of October, 2 youngsters were taking a seat in Hamburg close to the coast of Alster Lake whilst a Middle Eastern appearing male turned up towards them, knife attacking a 16 year of age boy a number of times and pushing the 15 year of age girl in the water. The young woman escaped and contacted the police at once, on the other hand the young man passed away later on that night in consequence of the knife stabbing.

The assailant ran away and is still at large whereas Hamburg police, who are operating in the midst of the officials of German counter terror, have pursued down the leads.

IS (Islamic State) placed a declaration on website of their news organization claiming the blame for the assault, titling the assailant as “a fighter of IS (Islamic State)” who “executed the action in reaction to calls to mark the residents of alliance nations.”

Officials of Police states the assault seems to have been done randomly, but they stayed uncertain that the rebellious faction is in fact at the back the happening in spite of their declaration taking blame for it.

“We are inspecting this to conclude its legitimacy, but the declaration does not match the outcomes of our analysis,” a spokesperson of Hamburg police said to “The Wall Street Journal”. “There are at least disagreements among our examination and what they are claiming.”