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Gunman of Istanbul nightclub identified, Turkish foreign minister states

The government of Turkey states it has confirmed the gunman’s identity who took life of 39 people in an Istanbul nightclub attack on day of New Year, as additional arrests happened in relationship with the massacre.

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, the foreign minister stated in a TV interview that assailant had been recognized; however he did not give extra details. The person has so far to be openly named.

The gunman took life of a police official and one more person with the aim of entering the nightclub, which neglects the Bosporus in the rich Ortaköy neighbourhood of the largest city of Turkey. Almost 2/3’s who were killed in club, were celebrities, foreigners and several were of Middle East. 69 people were wounded.

Quite a few people were arrested on the subject of the shooting, comprising as a minimum 5 suspected IS faction militants throughout an action on Wednesday in Izmir, Aegean port city, a state-directed news agency stated.

The operation marked 3 families who entered in Izmir approximately 20 days back from Konya, a central Turkey city where gunman is believed to have been resided earlier than executing the attack on nightclub, reports stated.

IS took responsibility for attack, calling the gunman as “heroic soldier of caliphate” who assaulted the nightclub “Christians were rejoicing their pagan feast their”.

11 of them murdered were nationals of Turkey and 1 was a dual citizen of Turkish-Belgian, stated by reports. 7 were Saudi Arabian, 3 were from Iraq and Lebanon each; 2 were from India, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia each and 1 from Russia, Syria, Israel, Canada and Kuwait each.

The foreign ministry of Germany stated 2 Bavaria residents, 1 a national of Turkey and 1 a double Turkish-German resident, had passed away in the assault.

It remains uncertain how assailant coped to flee from club that is across street of police station. A report recommended he had deserted his weapon and blended outside with crowd, acting as if to be a wounded civilian.