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Hillary accuses FBI director for her defeat against Trump.


Hillary Clinton has finally released the statement that her defeat by in Presidential election against Donald Trump is because of James Comey’s, Director of FBI choice to re-open the investigation of her case of private email server usage.

On Saturday in explanation to donors, a communication that was fundamentally a parting convention call, she held responsible the renewed inquiry of FBI in her email system of State Department for decreasing her energy in presidential election.

She furthermore stated the closing of that inquiry only 2 days previous to Election Day keyed up voters for in favor of tycoon of New York (Trump).

“There are hordes of reasons why election in this way is not successful,” she stated, in accordance with the Washington Post.

“But our study is that Director of FBI, James Comey’s letter increasing uncertainties that were baseless, baseless, proven to be clogged our momentum.”

She added up: “We went down, and we had to keep truly pushing forward to get back our advantage, which went into the final weekend, we had.

“We were once more up as a whole but 2 of the states of battleground, and we were up significantly in a few that we ended up got beaten. And we were anticipating like we had put it back.”

The Post stated that Ms. Clinton stated the bombshell statement that the case was being re-opened came at that time when the campaign was at its highest peak.

“After the 3rd debate, we sensed so excellent regarding where we were,” she stated. She stated performance of Mr. Trump in the last debate was extensively condemned.

“We were up significantly as a whole but 2 of the most important states where we were equal or 1 behind, in accordance with our statistics,” she stated.

“We were equal in Arizona. We were experiencing a real wind on our back,” prior to the initial, astonishing letter from Mr. Comey.