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Hillary Clinton Net Worth: How Rich is Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Net Worth on average is 32 million dollars

Minimum possible Hillary Clinton net worth is 10.8 million dollars

Maximum possible Hillary Clinton net worth is 51.7 million dollars

Lowest figure ever, of Hillary Clinton net worth is negative million dollars which was recorded in 2001.

Hillary Clinton is wife of former president of United States of America and now herself is a nominee for president in elections 2016 which are planned to be held in November 2016. Now being busy in presidential campaigns Vegas odd makers declare her outcome as seven to one rose from five to one which has raised her net worth by 516.6 million dollars, if we compare it with that of Trump, his opposing candidate, he has 168.2 million dollars. The present presidential candidate has been the 67th secretory of the state from year 2009 to year 2013.

  • Hillary Diane Rothem Clinton has been ranked at number 2 in the list of power women of the world after Angela Markel. She would come on first rank in the list if she wins the presidential elections of United States being held this year.
  • She has been in the list of powerful people of the world in 2005 at number 58.

Hillary Clinton net worth sources;

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is well known as politician she has earned a lot of her net worth from the salaries she got and after that she invested them as well which increased her net worth level. If we analyze Hillary Clinton net worth from the start of her career it seems to be from sources given below;

Hillary Clinton net worth earned by practicing Law;

Hillary Clinton

Mrs. Clinton got law degree from Yale Law School in 1973 and started practicing as lawyer from right after her graduation.

She earned round about 200000 dollars per year from this profession of hers. By the time her husband was elected as president his wife, Hillary Clinton net worth was 700000 dollars. Most of this amount she had earned from her profession as lawyer.

Hillary Clinton net worth earned from her speeches;

Right at the time when Bill Clinton left president office the Hillary Clinton net worth went as low to negative 800000. But very soon the graph of Hillary Clinton net worth rose very high.

It is said that her speeches gave her as much income which proved to be the reason of her boom in financial position.

As her average income from her speeches during that time was 8 million dollars a year which tremendously increased the level of Hillary Clinton net worth very high in graph.

In year 2014 she and 2015 a large amount like 12092500 dollars were earned only from this source of income, by giving speeches at different platforms.

From her speeches she earned as much as;

  • 1284 doctors earn making 90 dollars per hour.
  • 3279 nurses earn making 31 dollars per hour
  • 4446 teachers earn making 26 dollars per hour
  • 7707 wage earners earn by making 15 dollars per hour.
  • This ratio in comparison to other people show how Hillary Clinton net worth got as much boost in very few years.

Hillary Clinton net worth earned from politics;

Hillary Diane Rotham Clinton joined politics nearly in initial years of the 21st  century ,say in 2001 as the first women as junior United States  representing New York City from year 2001 to 2009. While she was on this post she earned approximately 15000 dollars as her salary.

While from year 2009 she became secretory of state of United States of America under Barak Obama regime. During this era she earned 18600 dollars per year as her salary as secretory general.

Hillary Clinton net worth earned from books;

Hillary Clinton has written many books till now and this source also added a large amount to her net worth as different well sold books were sold at good enough prices to effect Hillary Clinton net worth.

Some of those books and their prices are as follows.

  • “Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine- Stronger Together” at the price of 9.59 dollars per copy.
  • “Hard Choices” bear the price of 13.59 dollars per copy.
  • “Living History” is most probably the bestselling book due to being in different languages and having a series of editions. The average price of this book is 13.28 dollars.
  • “it takes a Villages’….” Is being and has been sold at the price of 20.35 dollars.
  • “Dear Socks Dear Buddy” is sold at the price of 0.01 dollars per copy.
  • “Decisiones Difficult” is being sold at a price of 10.97 dollars.
  • “Historian Voice” is being sold for 31.97 dollars per copy.
  • “The Roosevelt papers” the most pricing book of Hillary Clinton is being sold at 64.518 dollars per copy.
  • A low pricing books of the writer are also in the market these books altogether give a large proportion to Hillary Clinton net worth
  • Hillory Clinton has also gave a large amount of hr earning from the books in charity so are not giving as much to the net worth.

Hillary Clinton net worth in different years:

In year 2001 her net worth was 8 million dollars.

In 2002 she had the total of her net worth equal to 40.7 million dollars.

In year 2004 she had 30.09 million dollars in her net worth records.

In 2005 she had earned 30.8 million dollars as her net worth.

In year 2007 she had 21.45 million dollars in her total net worth.

In year 2008she had 31.24million dollars in her total net worth.

In year 2011 she had 13.13 million dollars of her net worth.

In year 2012her net worth reached to 12.34 million dollars.

In year 2015 she had 31.26 million dollars in her net worth.

Now in the early records of year 2016 she has 31.8 million dollars of her net worth which are increasing day by day.

  • If she becomes the president of united states of America she is likely to double her net worth according to a rough prediction.

Hillary Clinton net worth compared by others :

If we compare Mrs. Clinton’s net worth with others we have the following ratios:

Net Worth of Hillary Clinton as compared to that of Bernie Senders is 59 times larger.

Net Worth of Hillary Clinton as compared to that of Jeb Bush is 5 times larger.

Net Worth of Hillary Clinton as compared to that of Ben Cerson is almost same.

Net Worth of Hillary Clinton as compared to that of Bill Clinton is 2580 times smaller.

Net Worth of Hillary Clinton as compared to that of median household is 459 times smaller.