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How You Can Get Refunds On Your App Store Purchases?

If you’re facing some type of issue with your music, TV shows, movies, apps or books that you have purchased from App Store or iTunes, it is possible to contact Apple directly and ask for a refund. Refunds are usually entertained if you have some valid reason for claiming a refund – you shouldn’t be doing it as a trick for short-term use or for having free trials. If you purchased something accidentally, bought the wrong item, or received what you had not ordered, here is how you can be able to get a refund.

Note: Remember that issues with purchased items can only be reported inside 90 days of the current date.

Requesting For Refund From Your iPhone/iPad

There are no special links provided by Apple within iTunes or App Store for reporting problems. A convenient option for you to report the problem and request a refund is to go to the problem reporting page directly through the email receipt. Here is how you can do that on your iPhone/iPad.


  1. Open Mail on your iOS device
  2. Search “Your receipt from Apple” in case if you can’t see it right away
  3. Tap the receipt which shows the purchase for which you want a refund (If you don’t remember the date of the purchase then it may not be possible for you to single out the receipt for the purchase you are referring to unless you open the receipt by tapping on it)
  4. Now tap on Report a Problem link that you can see in front of purchase that has to be reported. This will take you to the “Problem Reports page” of Apple
  5. Here you will have to provide your Apple Login details when asked
  6. Now tap on Choose Problem to select the issue you are facing from the list that opens up
  7. Give all details of the issue you’re facing and then tap on Submit button


Apple will contact you back inside next few days. Sometimes, it may take even a week but you will be informed whether or not your refund request is approved.

Requesting A Refund Using Web

If you don’t want to take the first route for one reason or another, an alternate for you is to use a web browser for contacting Apple and reporting your issue at their report page. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Visit Problem Reports page of Apple at http://reportaproblem.apple.com/
  2. Use your Apple login details for login purposes
  3. Choose an appropriate tab from All, Movies, Music, Apps, Books or TV shows
  4. Click on Report A Problem that you can find right next to the purchase that you’d like to claim refund for
  5. Click Choose Problem menu and select the problem from the ones listed there
  6. Describe your problem in detail and click on Submit


Apple will contact you within a week’s time and will inform you about the approval of your refund request.

Requesting A Refund With iTunes On Your Mac/Windows

Another option that you can try for requesting refund is through iTunes on your Mac/Windows. Here is how it all works.

  1. Open iTunes on your Mac/Windows
  2. Click Account
  3. Enter your Apple login details when asked
  4. In Purchase History section, click See All option



5. Click the arrow in front of purchase batch which contains your required purchase for which you’re claiming a refundClick “Report a

6.  Click “Report a Problem”towards bottom of purchase batch


  1. Now, click “Report a Problem” in front of single item that you’d like to report. This will take you to the problem reports page from Apple
  2. Provide your login credentials for logging in
  3. Choose the right tab from All, Music, TV Shows, Movies, Books or Apps
  4. Now click ‘Report a Problem’ towards right side of purchase that you’d like to claim refund for
  5. Click “Choose Problem” menu and select the desired problem that you want to report from the list
  6. Give details of the problem you are facing and click on Submit to complete


Apple will get in touch inside a week and will let you know if your refund request has been approved or not.

It usually requires refunds on App Store a couple of days for processing. Apple support might also contact you for verifying the reason why you have submitted a refund request. If your reasons seem satisfying to them then they can approve your request and you get your money back.