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How You Can Setup Family Sharing On Your iPhone/iPad In 2017


Family Sharing is quite a useful feature for iPhone/iPad users. It allows you to not just share all the purchases you have made on App Store and iTunes with the family members, but it also lets parents to setup permissions for their children before they can buy anything. With this check in place, whenever your children will try to purchase something on App Store, you’ll get a request which you can accept/deny as you like. Let’s get started with Family Sharing on iPhone/iPadto learn what this is all about and how you can work things around inside.

What You Should Know About The Family Sharing Feature?

With Family Sharing you can be able to add 6 family members, at most, to the group for sharing purchases. All devices in the group should have iOS8 or later installed on them for this feature to work. And, as soon as these devices are made part of the group, the users will be able to access purchases of everyone else in the group instantly. They can be able to view those purchases and download them as needed just like you do from your account. But all the purchases that you’ll make from then onwards will be charged from the account of the family organizer. So, this thing should always be kept in mind before making any purchases. There is one exception, however, to this rule. The purchase is charged from the individual member’s account if there is sufficient credit available in it for covering the purchase.

If one of the group members is removed from Family Sharing group then they can still access the content that they had purchased until then using Apple ID of their own. This same rule applies if you disable Family Sharing option altogether as well. Every individual Apple ID that was part of Family Sharing group will be able to access the content purchased before Family Sharing was disabled. And any purchases made afterwards won’t be available to those removed from the group.

What Features Are Available With Family Sharing?

Family sharing comes with quite a few interesting features and some of them are outlined here.

  • It allows you to instantly share movies, music, tv shows, books and other content that you might have purchased
  • With Family Photo Stream, you can be able to share photos automatically with your family members
  • You can also share your family calendars as well and, at the same time, you can still use your personal calendars too
  • You can also share locations so that all family members know each other’s locations as well
  • It is also possible to locate the devices of different family members from all the devices that are part of family group using Find My iPhone
  • With “Ask to Buy” enabled, parents always stay aware of what their children want to buy and can grant or deny permission before letting them buy something on App Store and iTunes. The requests can be accepted or denied remotely

What Limits Are In Place For Making Family Sharing Groups?

When getting along with Family Sharing Groups, you should bear in mind that only two groups are allowed a year whether you set up new ones or delete previous ones. It means, if you’ve started a group and deleted it, you’ll be able to create only one group throughout the remaining months of the year. So, you should better keep that in your mind while deleting groups and it is advisable that you should delete members instead of entire groups, unless you really don’t need it anymore.

Also, purchasing restrictions cannot be placed on adults – anyone who is more than 18 years of age. And anyone below 13 years of age will have to face automatic restrictions on purchasing any content and they can have child account in family sharing group.

How You Can Enable Family Sharing On Your iPhone/iPad?

Every Family Sharing group has a family organizer and he’s the person who first sets it all up. Family organizer also receives all the purchase requests and the most important thing is that he agrees on paying for the purchases made by any member of the group be it a child or an adult. Let’s get on with setting up the Family Sharing groups.

How You Can Setup Family Sharing On Your iPhone/iPad

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone/iPad that is running iOS 8 or later
  2. You’ll find an Apple ID banner on the top, tap it
  3. Tap Setup Family Sharing now
  4. Tap Get Started
  5. Now tap Continue. (Here you have the option of adding a photo as well but it’s completely your choice)
  6. Tap Continue for sharing your purchases
  7. Again tap Continue for confirming the payment method. You can change it, however, in Settings
  8. Now tap on ‘Share Your Location’so that other members of the group can locate you whenever they need to. You can also opt for Not Now for this option as well if you want to set it up later
  9. Tap on ‘Add Family Member’
  10. Now type someone’s name to see the people you can add to the group
  11. Tap on a person who you’d like to add in your group as Family Member
  12. Enter your credit card security code as asked for verifying yourself as organizer of the group

How You Can Setup Family Sharing On Your iPhone/iPad

That’s all! Just add more members to the group to connect until all your family members are onboard. Remember, you can have groups of 6 at most. Anyone who you add to the group will get push notification and email notification asking them for accepting the invite. And when they accept the invitation, all the purchases that will be made afterwards will get charged from the account of family organizer. Besides, they will also be able to access the purchases made by other members of the group.

How You Can Accept Family Sharing Invitations On Your iPhone/iPad?

If you are not the organizer of the group, you will get notifications asking you to accept or deny invitations to become a part of the family sharing group. Here is how you can accept those notifications if you want to be the member of Family Sharing groups.

How You Can Setup Family Sharing On Your iPhone/iPad

  1. Open Settings on your device
  2. Tap on Apple ID banner that you see towards the top
  3. Tap Invitations. You will see number 1 right beside it unless there are other invitations pending
  4. Tap on Accept
  5. Tap on Confirm. Alternately, you can select another Apple ID simply by tapping on “Not (your name) or want to use a different ID?”
  6. Now tap on Continue for sharing purchases
  7. If you want to share location tap on “Share Your Location”. (You can also tap on Not Now if you want to do that any time later)

So, that’s pretty much all about Family Sharing on iPhone/iPad. It’s quite a handy feature and you’d love exploring it and enjoying all its benefits. If you have any further queries related to Family Sharing on iPhone/iPad, you can get in touch in comments section.