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Many families often find it hard to coordinate their schedules. Whether it is a night out, soccer practices or ballet recitals, some just goes off and family members seem to face troubles in managing their schedules. Well, that shouldn’t necessarily happen anymore as Family Sharing allows family members to coordinate their schedules and be where they should be on a scheduled date and time. Family Sharing is not just about sharing iTunes and App Store purchases. It can even allow you to share calendars. When Family Sharing is enabled, it automatically creates a calendar as well which is shared among the members of the group. You just need to use it for keeping things organized and on schedule.

Using Calendar App WithFamily Sharing

If you want to coordinate with your group members in Family Sharing, here is how you can use Calendar app for that.

  1. Open Calendar app using your iPhone/iPad after setting up and enabling Family Sharing
  2. Tap an existing event or create new one to be added to your Family calendar
  3. Now tap Calendar
  4. Select Calendar with the name Family
  5. Enter your event name and then tap the Add button that you can find in top right corner of the screen

Everyone who is part of the Family Sharing group can now view everything that will be added to Family Calendar using their Calendar app right from the device that they are using. They will also see any notifications about the events added to the Family Calendar and, hence, will be able to coordinate their schedules accordingly.

So, if you are organizing a Family Sharing group, you can use calendars with this feature and make sure everything is always on schedule and all family members can easily coordinate with their schedules.