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Iliac Crest Pain Causes Treatment Prevention A Complete Guide

Iliac Crest Pain

Iliac crest-the crest of ilium-the higher border of ilium wing. Iliac crest pain is developed mostly in athletes, older people or people who have lower back pain. This pain may occur due to inflammation in iliolumbar ligament. The iliac crest pain is so sharp and usually starts suddenly but proper addressing will get an adequate recovery, this pain feels in hips and lower back or spine. It is very difficult to pinpoint the exact place of pain and this very important for the right treatment. Therefore it is said that to understand the depth and broad anatomy of human body system is very crucial, especially the anatomy of chest. Diagnosis, pain, causes and the treatment for quick and good relief from illness, all are the critical processes.

Iliac crest-Anatomy:

The hip bone of human beings are known to be very critical, large and an irregular bone. The responsibility of hip bone is the formation of side wall of pelvis and bony front. The hip bone of human body consists of following three parts:

  • Ischium
  • Ilium
  • Pubis

The upper most and largest part of hip bone, ilium is also divided into two parts; body and ala. Iliac crest, the key point of our discussion is the part of ilium which is located between the posterior superior iliac spine and anterior superior iliac spine.

Different muscles of trunk and thigh are joined to iliac crest, among them the tensor fasciae and Sartorius thigh muscles begins with iliac anterior superior spine. Same as transverse abdominis, external internal oblique, gluteus maximus and the latissimus dorsi muscles are somewhere connected to the posterior and anterior parts of iliac crest. It is also said that iliac crest is one of the necessary skeletal landmark in the human body.

Iliac crest is used clinically to put lumbar punctures on L4. It can be examined from the outside of body because red-bone marrow and bone tissue are present here in huge amount. But the iliac crest pain can’t be detected so easily.

Reasons that cause Iliac crest pain:

The main reasons which cause iliac crest pain are following:

  • Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Human body has a sacroiliac joint which is the place where iliac bone and sacrum joint are located and form the pelvis. Sacroiliac joint is the most joint which is associated with the support but doesn’t allow a lot of movement to human body.

The reasons why sacroiliac joint problem are: different length, pregnancy, muscle tightness, trauma and arthritis.

The symptoms when sacroiliac joint dysfunction occurs are: hip pain, pain along iliac crest and pain in lower back when sit or stand for long time period.

Treatment which you can do to recover sacroiliac joint dysfunction are heat or ice medication, brace support, physical therapy or injections.

  • Apophysitis Iliac:

The pain and inflammation of apophysitis iliac primarily occurs in the iliac crest of human body. Usually it occurs where abdominal muscles attach to each other. The main cause of apophysitis iliac is strenuous activity by human body for long hours which also weakens the muscles of body.

The symptoms when you are suffering with apophysitis ilium are dull ache, increased temperature in iliac crest area and mild swelling on the font of hip.

Treatment to recover the apophysitis is rest, ice medication and other massages.

  • Trauma of Hip pointer:

This trauma is also called the iliac crest contusion. This is a hip injury which causes due to direct blow to pelvis, collision while playing sports or bad fall at iliac crest. This trauma injury results in damaged blood vessels and gets the skin blue black look.

The symptoms when you are suffering with this hip pointer are bruising in the skin, muscle spasms, difficulty in walking or running due to pain and swelling around iliac crest area.

Trauma of hip pointer can be easily recovered in few days with rest and medications.

  • Problems in Gluteus Muscle:

As we stated above that there are different various muscles attached with iliac area, so the gluteus muscles are one of them. Aggravation and tightness in in this muscle can cause iliac crest pain, and this pain will interfere you in walking, reduces your overall stamina and also reduce the flexibility of hip joint. The cause of this iliac crest pain may also because of pelvis area and iliolumbar ligament injury.

This gluteus muscle problem can be treated with gentle stretch, rest physical therapy and medications.

Remedies to cure Iliac crest pain:

  • Just come to an end with the activities which may cause pain, this will be beneficial remedy to cure iliac crest pain.
  • Take enough rest, this is advised to the people who are suffering from this iliac crest pain.
  • Whether you are suffering from iliac crest pain or other you should consult your doctor to seek proper medical advice.
  • Icing is the most suggested and good treatment of iliac crest pain because we get swelling and inflammation so to reduce them fifteen minutes icing works best.
  • Stretching of muscle also could be applied for this pain but you should be careful in doing so because wrong doing can lead to more serious problems.

Iliac pain Medical treatments:

The most suggested medical treatments to iliac crest pain are as follows:

  • Surgery
  • A range of motion exercises
  • Electric stimulation
  • Physical therapies
  • Injections
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines

Iliac crest pain – Prevention:

Here are some preventions if you are concerned to stay away from this iliac crest pain:

  • Always run on the even stretch road.
  • Appropriate footwear is most important to prevent this type of pain.

Before you start running take adequate warm up