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Indian Officials Lift Curfew From Most of Kashmir

Indian Officials Lift Curfew From Most of Kashmir

A curfew forced on the parts of Indian Kashmir controlled with a 52 day security lockdown having most businesses and shops closed on Monday because of the strike which is ongoing and known as the protest of Indian rule in the Himalaya region which was disputed.

The forces of government removed coils and steel barricades wire from the region where roads were crossed. According to the officials, curfew was continued in few parts of the Kashmir city in Srinagar and Palwama area.

The transport was public with the roads in the Srinagar and vehicles were private and seen on the streets.

This curfew is a series of a communication of tightening and blackouts of crackdown who failed on the stop with the largest protests against the rule of India in these current years. Triggered with the commander who was popular and rebel against the killing on 8th July.

People with tens of thousands defied the restrictions of security, clashed with government and protested against the stages all day.

About 68 civilians were killed and thousands of them were injured and fired by the shotguns and bullets at the protesters with rock throwing. Policemen were killed when the forces of government was about thousand and was clashed with the injured people.

Pakistan and India has two parts of Kashmir which is claimed by both of them. Most of the Kashmiris were not to favor and rule over the merger and independence of Pakistan.

About 68, 000 people were killed during the group rebel and the fight began with the Indian forces in 1989. The major crackdown of Indian military was this fight.